Resins: Are They Worth It?

First, you and I need to define what resins, oils are, so that we can continue the conversation in the right direction. If you already have experience of smoking, then you have probably dealt with the heroine of today's article, known as resin or oils (not to be confused with concentrates, which are a form of cannabis). Resin is a sticky brown or black mass that is a byproduct of combustion consisting of ash, unburned finely dispersed lump residue and carbon. There are various reasons that encourage people to collect and smoke this substance, each of the reasons I've identified I'm happy to break down further.

Is it harmful to smoke tobacco?

This work is devoted to the topic of smoking without tobacco, but first I consider it necessary to briefly talk about the various formats of rolling. Joint, spliff, and blunt are three terms that are often used interchangeably, but behind them are very different images. Each can be defined by the ratio of cones-tobacco, as well as by the material being rolled (paper, sheet tobacco).

Tricky tips to hide the smell of marijuana

Big cities have banned the burning of leaves and weeds in the fall. Only because the smell of smoldering vegetation is particularly acrid, soaking your clothes. The smell of burnt leaves has a peculiar flavor that settles in the atmosphere for a long time.

Hemp leaves have the same characteristics. Its strong aroma can be identified unmistakably. Many Stoners like the smell of smoldering cannabis. But most pot smokers try to hide their passion. This behavior is often associated with the ban on smoking marijuana, and smokers are trying to avoid attracting unnecessary attention to their person. We do not encourage or promote the use of herbal mixtures of psychotropic effects. The article contains facts, and only facts from observing society.