Thick Glass Bubblers

Thick glass bubblers are a modest size device for smoking plant mixtures with the function of filtering smoke through a liquid.

It is also generally accepted that bubblers have taken the best from bongs and pipes. Although, from a technical point of view, the thick glass bubbler is an improved version of the compact bong. Americans who are familiar with this topic firsthand believe that in addition to a smoking device installed on the table, it is not bad to have a miniature version of it in the collection, purchased from the likebongs online store, for personal use. Let's take a closer look at Bubbler and see why this thing is a must have for every fan of stuff.

5 reasons to buy Thick glass bubbler immediately

  • If you need to dig deeper into the topic of glass bubblers before deciding to buy this cute borosilicate glass device, likebongs staff is ready to help;
  • Despite smaller dimensions than the classic bong has, the Bubbler has a considerable volume of the flask, which means that the liquid poured into the device will successfully cope with humidifying and filtering smoke;
  • Since we are talking about liquids, it is worth clarifying that water (especially hot) is far from the only option for filling a bubbler. This is a convenient device for experimenting with taste, aroma, and other properties of the filler, helping to open new facets of the smoking process;
  • Splitting into bubbles, the smoke gives off most of the soot, preventing it from settling in the lungs. This is what the lovers of plant raw materials are guided by, using bongs or bubblers for smoking. Note that the protective function of the latter is in no way inferior to the older brother;
  • Another feature of modern devices is stuff saving, which is especially noticeable when buying expensive smoking mixtures. Large portions of smoke inhaled through the throat of the bubbler help to achieve the expected effect faster, even by reducing the portion placed in the thin section;

The bubbler combines the functions of a bong and a pipe. On the one hand, it makes it possible to clear and cool the smoke before inhaling it, and on the other hand, it fits comfortably in the wearer's hand. The main advantage of a bubbler over a bong is a completely different level of relaxation and comfort offered to the smoker. To take another puff, you do not need to bend over the table, it is enough to bring the neck of the smoking device to your lips;

Thick glass bubblers are cast from borosilicate glass.

You can purchase it in a few clicks from likebongs online store. This is undoubtedly the most aesthetic version of the smoking device. Unlike acrylic, glass does not fade over time, so the sight of smoke turning into dancing bubbles will invariably delight the eye and excite the imagination.

Thick tempered glass is invulnerable to sudden changes in temperature and aggressive detergents. Wielding a brush or a lengthened handle, you will not leave scratches on it. In addition, the bubbler's thick glass walls will not absorb the smell of smoke or cleaning fluid;

A glass device is not only functionality but also beauty, which is important for connoisseurs and collectors. Nothing is impossible for glassblowers, so in Likebongs, intricate forms of devices coexist with laconic ones and traditional bongs with futuristic bubblers. Bubbler, ordered from the likebongs thematic catalog, is a device that will help you look at a well-known topic from a different angle. Enjoy our lightning-fast order processing and delivery,  simplicity, and convenience of the chosen device.

And finally, let's talk about appearance. Transparent models are especially elegant. Colorless glass is a versatile material that matches any interior, and bubblers made of it are always awe-inspiring.

Therefore, if the device is intended for a gift, it makes sense to choose the Thick glass bubblers model from the likebongs catalog.

If you still have questions about the work, properties and advantages of this or any other model, our consultants will be happy to provide all the information as soon as possible. Bubble prices among 5 key advantages of our online store.

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