The basic types of modern bong in our shop

A bong or bulbululator is popular equipment for smoking cannabis. It helps to travel to the depths of the subconscious, meditate on the meaning of life and relax after working days. Bong for smoking cools, soothes, and purifies the steam. This device makes the smoking process more comfortable and simpler.

Chilled water is usually poured into the vessel (you can also add ice cubes if you have an ice system). It makes the steam more pleasant to consume.

The main reason for the bulbululators popularity

Bong for home use is easy to operate. This is a small vessel with a cone-shaped bowl that is filled with smoking substances. The stuff is ignited, and the steam first passes through the liquid and then by means of the shaft reaches the user. The liquid steam is purged from the combustion products becomes softer, moister and cooler.

Along with simple models, there are also complex options that differ in various technical elements. These units are usually equipped with percolators, ice-system, kicker, diffusers and other accessories. The unusual design of the bong is a guarantee of the most chilled and purified smoke that gets into your lungs.

Our bongshop offers you products of different sizes, shapes and materials. There are models made of wood, glass, silicone, acrylic, metal, clay, bamboo, or ceramics. No matter how bongs look or what they are made of, they all work in basically the same way. And any visual variations depend only on the manufacture’s fantasy. The best bongs, the popular and modern are glass bongs.

How to choose a suitable one?

Buying a bong is not an easy task, since it is easy for a beginner to get lost in the range of modern devices!

What aspects need to be considered in order to buy a high-quality bong?

The first aspect is the bulbululator’s size. Miniature bongs for smoking are very easy to transport, but large bongs often contain many technical bells and whistles that increase smoking efficiency by an order of magnitude. Medium bongs are a compromise between compactness and functionality

;Another criterion is a form. If you don't look for designer models, then everything is quite simple. The shaft can be straight or inclined at an angle, and the bulb has the shape of a ball, a cone, or can be even absent! Ease of care, stability, the amount of liquid that can be poured and the appearance of the device depend on the bong shape.

Quality bong has percolators, diffusers and additional filter elements. This is an important parameter that affects the cost of the device.

Which bong on website is better?

The suitable bong is safe, easy and comfortable for smoking! And in order to make a choice, you need to do some research. As a result, you will understand which device is suitable for you: in terms of price, shape, size, etc. Finding a suitable bong depends entirely on your preferences and opportunities.

The size of the smoking device has a significant impact on the way it is used. Probably it's not a good idea to bringing a large glass bong with too expensive options! It's just not safe! For such events, it's better to take small bongs. They are cheaper and in case of an unpleasant situation, it's not a pity to lose them.

Tall smoking bongs are an excellent option for smoking with friends in a relaxed home environment. Medium bongs (up to 16 inch) are an ideal option for nature and hikes. In our bong headshop, smoking units are presented in a wide assortment.

In our bongshop, you can choose and buy a bong for every taste and wallet, while its quality will be at its best! Visit us more often, and be surprised by the variety of smoking devices and accessories. On our bong headshop site you will definitely find your exclusive example!

How does a bong differ from similar devices?

All bongs combine the mechanism of their use. And their design is mostly the same. Water is poured into the bulbulator and the stuff is put into the thimble. Next, close the valve, ignite and inhale clouds of smoke softened by water vapor. A bong or water-based smoking device has its advantages:

  1. Good bong cleans smoke of noxious impurities and cools it. The smoke after passing through the device does not irritate the respiratory tract and leaves the most pleasant impression.
  2. Due to its size you can make a big puff. As a result of the work of the bong, a large amount of smoke is emitted, which allows you to use the device in the company of friends.
  3. Bong is easy to care for. These smoking devices are easy to disassemble and clean, and, if necessary, you can always replace a broken part.
  4. The range of modern units is very wide, in addition, you can pick up many additional accessories that will significantly expand the functionality of your bong.

Bongs for sale are very convenient devices that differ from analogical devices in the quality of their work and unique functions. From the many models on the market, you can buy a bong with the ideal volume for smoking, the shaft of the desired bend, and the built-in percolators of the ideal design.

Of course, in parallel with bongs, there are many other devices that are more functional and mobile, for example, vaporizers. Or more budgetary like pipes. Therefore, it is up to you to make a choice in favor of using this or that device. It all depends on the purpose, substances and frequency.

How much does a good bong cost in USA?

Borosilicate quality glass bongs are the most classic and best in terms of modifications and additions. Glass has good thickness and heat resistance, and is harder to damage but easier to clean. The cost of such devices is high, but you will never be disappointed with it! There is even an unspoken rule: the more complex and colorful the unit is, the higher its cost.

If you are not looking for your first unit, then you probably already know what you want to get from the device and what price you are willing to pay. But if you want to buy your first bong online, then it is better to consult with experts during the selection,  read reviews about this kind of devices. Do not hurry, carefully study the market to find the best offers and prices.

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