Ice Bongs

You need to know that the smoke that passes through the water in an ice water bong flask is cooling. That is what makes a bong with ice catcher attractive. Because you get a cool, soft, resin-free smoke that does not burn or irritate your throat. But this can be achieved not only with cool water in a flask but also with an ice system if it is provided in your dope water bongs or other smoking devices.

What is the ice water bong?

Bubbler with ice catcher is a system for additional cooling smokethrough ice cubes or ice chips. For this purpose special spikes (and sometimes not exactly spikes or not embedded, but later) are built into the ice cube bong shaft, whose purpose  is to hold ice cubes in the upper part of the smoking device, preventing them from falling into the lower one. Thanks to this device, smoke passes between the ice and cools as much as possible.The ice gradually melts, running down by frozen bubbler walls into a flask, keeping the water cool. Atwisted shaft can also occurs in a glass bong with an ice chamber. This type of ice technology is not as common as spikes, but it’s still worth trying.

Which bubbler with ice catcher should you choose?

Use your feelings and your subjective opinion. There is no fundamental difference between these two types of ice systems. Bong with ice catcher are only visually different. You can buy bong for smoking ice of both types but remember that the glass in the built-in inner parts of the catcher's cooling gear is much thinner than the walls of the flask or shaft, and therefore especially requires careful handling. If a big ice cube bong is sloppily dropped into a shaft, it can break the spike or damage the shaft with a twist.

How to use the water bong with ice catcher?

We do not think you will have trouble using the ice bong. You do not have to graduate from university to fill a bong shaft with ice cubes. Anyway, we'd like to share some advice.

  1. Firstly, (and this is especially the case for high bongs with a long shaft) if you just throw ice into the shaft, the spike can break off or crack. Because the glass in the built-in parts of the bong is thinner than the bulb walls or the base. To avoid this trouble, tilt the icebong and slide ice cubes down the shaft.
  2. Secondly, then larger the area of contact between smoke and ice, then better. The smoke will cool down more. Use pieces of ice with edges cut or special ice mold. We have some zingy ones - in the form of cannabis leaves and small bongs in the section «dishes».

Thirdly, we do not recommend using small crumbs and snow - it melts faster than ice and because of this, the pressure in the flask worsens.

Smoking with a bong is very easy and enjoyable process. Perhaps you noticed that in some bongs on the neck there are notches (an ice pinch) on the inside of the tube in order to put ice in. You can put one piece or fill the whole neck with ice. It's up to your personal preference. We recommend that you initially pour more chilled water into a bong and add one or two pieces. To avoid too much water coming from the melting ice. The purpose of ice is additional cooling of smoke before inhalation. Experienced smokers know that you can inhale more chilled smoke and, therefore, get a more powerful effect of smoking. Since the ice cools down the hot smoke, you’re able to take in smoother hits. That means you’ll cough much less as it won’t be as harsh on your throat. Choose in our online store bongs with ice technology and experiment with a different amount of ice for your maximum pleasure. Our affordable prices will surprise you.