Big Bongs

Big glass water bongs are very much in demand among smokers. And that’s not surprising, because glass is a material that allows you to create absolutely any shape. The variety of glass bongs is pleasantly surprising! When choosing a massive bong, you need to pay attention to such parameters as size, glass thickness, and shape. If you choose a device for use at home or at a party, then you can safely choose a large glass bong.

Large glass bongs for sale generally occupy a separate niche. They amaze not only with the quality of their work but also deserve to become an adornment of any interior. One of the advantages of having big weed bongs is the power to channel increased amounts of smoke into the lungs. The enlarged surface area allows the smoke to disperse and gives it a longer period to cool down as it transfers through the great bong. This wider area also gives you a lot more room to decorate your giant bong with fancy gizmos like percolators, ash catchers, and ice traps.

Benefits of huge bongs

  • Enormous hits. Bring your hits to another level with a big bong.
  • Durability. Thicker glass is a trait that prevails among most large bongs, so they last longer.
  • Accessories. Larger bongs let you have more accessories like ashtrays and exceptional bong bowls.
  • Cleaning is easy. While accessories make cleaning more troublesome, most bigger bongs are easier to clean than mini bongs.
  • More seepage. Certainly, big bongs have more space for percolation giving you better and smoother hits