Spoon Pipes

Weed Smoking Spoon Pipes

The story of how the first pipes for smoking appeared is as old as the world itself. In every corner of the globe there have always been lovers of puffing through a pipe - and do not think that all nations smoked through a pipe just tobacco!

We are primarily interested in smoking spoon pipes for weed. Despite the many alternative ways to smoke a joint, the spoon pipe has many advantages.

Due to the worldwide popularity the range of pipes is truly enormous! And not only the range, but also the shape of the spoon pipes can be varied. Conventionally they can be divided into several types:

  • Classical, that is the most usual pipes, which consist of a bowl and a mouthpiece.
  • Transformer pipes - these pipes have the main mission to be inconspicuous. Spoon Pipes these items are in no way associated with smoking accessories, but once you put it in working condition, it becomes clear where to put it and where to draw from.
  • The vaporizer pipe differs from the others in that the herb in the bowl is not ignited but evaporates under the influence of an open flame which heats the outside of the pipe. The compactness of these devices is also a big plus when choosing a smoking device. And it makes it at least a second choice - because it is not always appropriate to take a bong for a walk.

The list of materials from which they are made is also huge. Glass pipes, metal and ceramic pipes, clay and acrylic...

It is impossible to count all of them. We highlight the most popular materials:

  1. Glass pipe - eco-friendly, easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. Because of the full or partial transparency of glass, you can observe all the processes of smoking. But you will have to clean it more often.
  2. The tubes of metal are also presented in a great variety - whether it is a Skull pipe or a Magnet pipe.
  3. Acrylic pipes are popular because of their low cost. At the same time they are not as durable as the ones presented above.

No matter what your future spoon pipe is made of, it will require a lot of care. Cleanliness is the pledge of health - this motto also applies to smoking pipes. It is always more pleasant to smoke a clean spoon pipe.

You can clean a spoon pipe with the help of various improvised means. Or you can take the easy way and buy a professional cleaner and special spoon pipe brushes. This small excursion into the world of pipes is over, and we come to the last and most important question - Where to buy a spoon pipe for smoking weed?

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