Rolling Papers

Everything you need to know about the paper for bulk rolling papers.

The paper for smoking weed (for weed rolling) intended for making personal tobacco products is sheets of a certain shape and size. Either with an adhesive layer applied along the edge (for your comfort and ease of rolling) or without it. It is offered for sale, as a rule, in packs. A pack contains either a particular number of sheets (from 24 to 300 pieces) or a whole roll, which should be used “in batches”.

Like any other, papers to roll joints or raw crutches is made from plants. The main raw material for its production is cellulose. Plants can be used in a wide variety of ways to produce different grades of rolling cardboard. In the case of rolling paper, there are several hundred varieties. Among them are samples made from plant fibers of rice, bamboo, wheat, flax, corn, hemp, and feather grass. Of course, wood is also used.

How to choose rolling paper?

If we talk about varieties, then rice tissue paper is considered the best. It is the thinnest (an important selection criterion!), It does not have a strong aroma. Consequently, the tobacco will not have any foreign taste. Whereas, for example, hemp sheets of paper have a peculiar aroma that gives a piquant taste to a self-rolled cigarette made of them.

Paper sheets for personalized cigarettes can be of different sizes and weights. Everything is clear with the density: the thinner the sheet, the more pleasant the smoking process. Thin paper leaves less ash and less impact on the purity of the tobacco flavor. As for the size. Manufacturers offer sheets that are sized according to specified international standards. But different options are presented in sufficient quantity so that definitely every fan of hand-rolled cigarettes will be able to choose the size that will be comfortable for him.

As for the form. The standard, the classic of the genre, is a sheet that has a rectangular shape. But there are also alternatives. In the Likebongs online shop raw papers for a joint, in addition to classic designs, you can buy roll-up paper in the form of sheets with cut corners. Such a small nuance contributes to the most convenient twisting of the cigarette. Or buy leaflets-pockets. This smart solution is ideal for beginners with little or no personal cigarette experience.

What rolling paper is the best?

Сigarette paper can also vary in color. The classic paper is transparent. RAW roll-up paper (some of its grades) has a gray-beige tint, which indicates maximum naturalness. There are also options that creative personalities have had a hand in. These are colored sheets or with a pattern applied to them: from funny to protest, from cute to hooligan. All in all, a great solution to express your personality. You can buy varied joint papers online on our site