Pipes for Girls

With tobacco and the pipe, everything begins great friendships, great stories, long journeys. The pipe and smoking accompany person everywhere: in distant wanderings, deep reflections, the mysteries of birth and death.

For me, there is nothing unusual about smoking a pipe. As it happens, there are people in my life who are avid pipe smokers. My dad smoked a pipe; one of my friends also prefers pipe tobacco. Since my childhood, I have been familiar with the mixed smell of wood and tobacco, slightly sour and tangy.

I smoked my first pipe during the summer of my last school vacation, sitting on the balcony with two of my buddies and wrapped in a blanket. I was telling stories I'd brought back from pioneer camp, puffing on a long pipe.

Once, it was trendy to smoke a pipe in our department. It was very strange because our department was absolutely girlish - the Faculty of Philology. And it looked very unusual: during the big break, about a dozen intelligent-looking girls would go out into the street, slowly smoke a pipe or even one for two or three and, blowing rings of fragrant smoke, discuss the next lecture, for example on dialectology.

I can say that we looked very, very colorful. And there was no shortage of young guys who wanted to meet us. The students with their cigarettes looked pretty pathetic.

I think it's all about the pipe. It's not a dirty cigarette, smoked, "eaten" in a five-minute break of three puffs, and not because the soul demanded it. But just out of habit. The pipe does not tolerate haste and fuss when smoking is a real ritual.

"I need to think," says someone and runs out to the balcony with a cigarette. It's ridiculous. Half a pack of cigarettes isn't enough to think thoroughly.

The person with the cigarette who says "I have to think" is really just avoiding an answer or decision.

One can only think, talk, and be sad with a pipe. It is not smoked on the run. The pipe demands the most precious thing we have: time. It takes minutes and hours as a real pleasure, and we don't regret this time at all. You will never see a pipe lover smoking on the go or running off to take a smoke break.

Pretty girls pipes for sale

In a tobacco store, the real magic happens. You choose a real wooden pipe and live tobacco, not based on advertising or someone else's opinion or prestige. You choose what your heart, your sense of smell, your sense of taste - in general, your senses call you to. You choose it, and it chooses you: it fits perfectly in your hand, smokes perfectly, gives tobacco extra shades of flavor.

You choose personality over the white and yellow facelessness of cigarettes. Your girl smoking pipe: carved, thin, elegantly curved, it is immediately obvious that it is a lady's pipe. With incrustation, rhinestones, engraving, made to order or as simple, ascetic, unisex as possible. No matter how you look at it, it's only yours, a part of you.

The girly water pipes speak of the strength of a woman's character, of her independence. It hints that this woman is ready to make her own decisions and be responsible for them. If you decided to get acquainted with a pipe smoker, be sure - you have met a real woman. She is as feminine as she is strong. She is interesting and extraordinary to the point of strangeness. And of course, she has a unique style and mystery, age, and wisdom.

I don't mean physiological age. I'm talking about maturity. Pipe connoisseurs are as wise as ancient old women. They are necessarily storytellers and keepers of great knowledge. These women have seen a lot in their lifetime, are close to nature and folklore.

Travelers, clan elders, shamans, priestesses, herbalists - all of them bring something good and useful. These are the same women whose advice is priceless, whose embrace is better than any medicine, and their stories relieve anxiety. They do their good deeds, work, and raise their children, looking at the world with a smile and smoking a pipe.