For most smokers, the process of smoking itself turns into an art, which is able to transfer for a while from the real world to the world of their own consciousness and their own desires. Life is becoming faster and more hectic, so you need to find time to stop and enjoy the moment. This can be achieved in different ways, and one of the most effective of them is smoking.

Do not forget that smoking in the first place should be safe. You need to put aside the vestiges of the past in the form of conventional cigarettes, which do not bring anything useful, but have an extremely negative impact on the body. Try more reliable and progressive devices.

What can I use instead of standard cigarettes?

Smoking pipes. They are ordinary and electronic, you can choose according to your own preferences and desires. The difference is that the electronic pipes of some models have a built-in smoke cooling system, which is so beloved by many smokers. Standard classic pipes have a good filtration system, but the smoke comes out not cooled, although it is also quite pleasant and soft. Due to their small size, the pipes can easily fit in a jacket or backpack pocket, so taking them with you is absolutely no problem.

Bongs. This device is designed for smoking at home because most of them are quite impressive in size. And it's not comfortable to take even small bongs for individual smoking with you. But it is not really necessary, because for this purpose there are devices that were listed above. Bongs are mostly used in the same way as hookahs, but compared to hookahs they are more functional and have some advantageous features.

In general, replacing the usual harmful cigarettes is not a problem at all. There is only one small matter - to take care of your health, and buy the necessary device, which will bring not only pleasure but also benefit.

In addition to the devices for smoking, there are also many related products, which can be used as auxiliary devices or those that can diversify the process of smoking itself. After all, if you move to safer smoking, it will require some level of training to maximize the systematization and adjustment of the process. And this actually won’t take up too much time.

What might be needed as auxiliary accessories and why?

Rolling cigarette paper. No matter how many smoking devices you have, you always want to try something new and unusual, especially since dry mixes will always be on hand. Roll-up cigarettes, although not very safe, because the smoke is produced through combustion, you can afford to smoke one or two. To make good roll-up cigarettes it is recommended to use only good quality paper, and not to forget that without special sleeves, smoking them is dangerous. Therefore, it is better to buy cartridges and paper in a set in order to save time and money.

Grinders. This device, which is designed for grinding stuff, is a very necessary and indispensable thing. In addition, all models of grinders are equipped with a special sieve at the output, so that the mixture is exactly as it should be. These devices are available in different shapes and designs, so they also serve as an original and stylish element of decor.

Stashes for things. Whole or crushed ready-made stash, you need somewhere to store it, and it is desirable that the place of storage be reliable and inconspicuous. At the moment there is a huge selection of different stashes, styled as ordinary household items, which allows you to hide the smoking mix even in a prominent place. No one will ever guess that there may be something like stuff inside. Replacement or spare cartridges for a vaporizer.

It is better to have several vaporizer cartridges of different sizes and with different functions for the convenience of using the vaporizer.

Pocket caches for dry mixes.

Pocket caches are an indispensable thing, because if you need to take a mixture with you, then the question of where to hide it arises. With pocket caches, there is no problem finding a safe place to hide. A cache stylized as an ordinary lighter is one of the most popular. Externally the body completely repeats the lighter, but inside there is a special compartment, which will serve as a stash.

The list does not end there because everyone has their own needs and wishes. These accessories are basic, the ones you definitely cannot do without.

Where to buy quality smoking accessories?

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