Smokers gift

Buying gifts is a question that never loses its relevance. There is a huge number of reasons to please your beloved, friends, relatives or colleagues with a nice gift. And do not necessarily wait for a proper holiday event or a fixed date in the calendar for giving a gift. In this situation as nowhere else is appreciated spontaneity, as well as an original approach to choice.

Our store offers to pay your attention to the selection of gifts for smokers. If a friend or acquaintance smokes, you can buy something related to his interest. We have prepared a small selection of ideas that will facilitate the choice of what a gift. A person who does not smoke most often chooses the standard smokers gift: bong, bubbler, pipe.

Gift boxes with a pipe

To buy a good pipe as a gift for a man who already smokes is not easier than choosing a brush for an artist. You need to take into account a lot of nuances: the shape, the presence of a filter, the length, the size of the chamber. If you want to present a pipe to a person who has never smoked it but would like to try it, buy a straight model with a medium-sized chamber. This is the most universal option. And don't forget cleaning accessories.

A bubbler as a gift to a friend

The bubbler is a device for smoking cannabis that seamlessly combines the best features of a smoking pipe and a bong. The small size and the presence of an elongated, slightly curved pipe make it possible to hold the bubbler for smoking in hand. But compactness does not prevent the unit to have a sophisticated design, fitted with all sorts of technical chips and engineering refinement. And, as you know, a sophisticated design is a guarantee that the smoke will be smoother and more pleasant, as clean and cooler as possible.

In every culture, a gift is a way to show love and care without words. There are several ways to do this, but the best gift is the one that touches a person's interests and taste.

Glass bong gift box

If you decide to buy a bong, first think about what it will be made of. You can choose acrylic, silicone, or you can choose the most popular and practical - glass bongs. Such a device for smoking can be equipped with a metal bowl with a strainer, diffusers to filter the smoke (so that the smoke will not hurt the throat so much).

All of this can come in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns. The biggest selection is the thick heat-resistant glass bongs, from the classic simple inexpensive bongs to the futuristic bongs with multi-channel diffusers.

Such equipment will give a quality experience to every smoker!

Many smokers prefer to roll their own cigarettes, enjoying the process no less than inhaling the warm and fragrant smoke. Such people can not do without quality tobacco, cartridges, filters, special paper, and a machine for making cigarettes. A set of these items will certainly cause a lot of positive emotions in the recipient of the gift.

The choice of original gifts for smokers is quite large because the passion for smoking can be developed in many pleasant ways.