The bubbler for smoking is a cannabis smoking device that organically combines the best characteristics of a pipe and a bong. The small size (the unit is approximately 6-8 inch high) plus the presence of an elongated, slightly curved tube presume the ability to hold a smoking bubbler in your hands. That allows you not to bend over to the table during your "walks" by the winding paths of the subconscious, but to sit comfortably somewhere on a cozy sofa. At the same time, the compactness of cute bubblers does not prevent the unit from having a complex structure, equipped with all sorts of technical schticks and engineering research. And, as you know, a sophisticated construction is a guarantee that the smoke will be softer, more pleasant, and as clean and cool as possible.

Design features of vapor glass bubbler

In terms of sophisticated construction, we mean the intricate shape of the device. It can be several chambers, smoothly merging into one another. These can be precoolers and percolators of various types, either located inside the device or connected from the outside. Nice glass bubblers are a good example of such sophisticated and extraordinary devices for smoking cannabis.

Material of water bubblers

The smoking devices are created from the same materials as bongs. We prefer to create bubblers out of glass.

Firstly, it is glass that makes it possible to make unusual, complex, high-tech smoking units. Secondly, glass is an environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless material. Thirdly, visually, glass specimens look amazing. And finally, awesome bubblers are easy and not burdensome to care for. You can buy bubbler glass online in our shop likebongs for the best price.