Tobacco and herb grinders

A grinder, mill or crasher is a special tool with filters and cutting elements for grinding smoking substances such as tobacco blends or dried hemp. The multi-section herb mill is also used as a grinder or is used in the kitchen for fractionating mixtures to collect kief.

Grinders and crushers for tobacco and herb

Shredding tobacco leaves and ganjubas with a knife in the 21st century, fishing out getting high by the sweat of your brow is an unproductive and graceless occupation. It’s much better to use crushers or buy tobacco grinders to turn the leaves into a fine fraction for smoking.

A beautiful and compact device adorns life not only during the hours of smoky nirvana. A professional tobacco shredder gives out a true gentleman, while a cool design will perfectly pass for an exotic souvenir that does not arouse surplus curiosity from guests who are not in the subject. The accessory will grind all the worries, and soon you will plunge into the ocean of bliss, bypassing the tedious preparation process.

What is a grinder for?

Having tried a modern grinder at least once you will no longer agree to be content with improvised means. Neither a knife nor scissors give such an effect: fine grinding increases the contact area of plant substances with heated air and increases the yield of active substances.

Advantages of the chopping accessory:

  1. quick start and minimum preparation;
  2. durable magnetic cover; nothing spills out of it;
  3. you can increase the amount of mixture;
  4. uniform heating: the product will not burn out, and the smoke will not taste bitter;
  5. uniform consistency of stuff - your advanced vaporizer will thank you for the absence of blockages;
  6. automatic collection of kief and tobacco pollen;
  7. ease of maintenance;
  8. conspiracy (the smell is almost absent);
  9. inconspicuous storage of strategic reserves ;
  10. economical consumption of raw materials.

How to use a tobacco leaf (and other blends) grinder

It is not difficult to use a manual herb and tobacco grinder: pour the stuff inside and rotate the lid, activating the cutting elements of the millstones.

For grinding solid resinous buds, a grinder with a handle, like a meat grinder, is most suitable. For electric cutting, such as a flashlight, the muscle power is replaced by a battery-powered motor.

When the staff has reached the desired condition, gather it up with a scraper. In multi-section models, the fines are sifted through a system of screens and deposited in the lower tier, from where they are discharged through special doors by pressing a button. It is so convenient to collect the pollen of the tobacco mixture without losing a single grain.

For high-quality grinding of raw materials, it is important not to overload the device, otherwise, the mesh will soon clog up, and the blades will become blunt. Calculate your rate accurately and adjust the container based on your needs and habits.

  • If you prefer to smoke alone - choose a graceful miniature model.
  • Love to gather a company and surprise your friends - powerful multifunctional units that will make your evening bright! 

Types of grinders

The more people the more brains! Shop for smokers likebongs did not disregard a single request - the site presents different types of herbal mills, which differ from each other according to a number of criteria:

  1. body material;
  2. grinding method;
  3. size and configuration;
  4. design features.

What materials are smoking mills made of?

The most popular crushers are made from four types of materials:

  • food-grade plastic;
  • metal;
  • wood;
  • acrylic.

Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages; when choosing a crusher, consider the rigidity of the raw material. Tobacco leaf is tougher than cannabis, so it is better to cut it with a metal crusher; a steel shredder of tobacco leaves is a godsend for a hookah. You can choose a more budgetary option made of acrylic or plastic for weed.

Plastic grinders

The cheapest bud crushers are made from food-grade plastic - lightweight but strong enough to survive a hike in the mountains or a trip to a festival. As a rule, these are simple two-piece devices for beginners, which wear out early and accumulate odors. Therefore, do not forget to wash the unit and use mild detergents.

Metal shredders

According to reviews, the most reliable and durable grinders are made of food-grade steel. Upgraded home units with a large number of sections are not cheap, and they also lack mobility due to their impressive weight. Alloys of aluminum and zinc are lighter and more affordable, but inferior in strength.

Wooden crushers

This handmade wooden herbal chopper is only suitable for souvenirs - it looks great and cuts poorly. In addition, due to its porous structure, the wood is quickly impregnated with a smell and clogged with dirt and  it’s badly resistant to moisture. It is difficult to keep such  device clean, so it is better not to use it at all, but to put it on a shelf and admire it from afar.

The middle price segment is represented by hand crushers made of acrylic -  light, flexible, inexpensive and practical polymer that is not afraid of knocks and falls. Their disadvantages are the same as those of their plastic brothers - susceptibility to wear and tear and accumulation of odors, but acrylic products perfectly hold paint, delighting customers with perky thematic prints expressing solidarity with the Rasta culture. In general, the color of the device can be the most incredible - there are no limits to your imagination!

Grinding features

Herb grinders from Likebongs store shred plant materials in different ways. Based on how the drive mechanism works, there are two types of shredders:

  • manual - they work on a mechanical drive, are activated by rotating the cover or handle;
  • electric - equipped with a battery-powered motor. Usually, they are used when you need to grind a lot of buds at once. The staff must be of high quality - no fakes!

Sizes of cutters for smoking mixtures

Depending on the diameter, disc-shaped crushers are divided into two groups:

  1. small - up to 45 mm, designed for one or two people;
  2. large - from 60 mm, can serve a company of smokers.

Features of designs and configurations

The design types of crushers have an impact on the manufacture of smoking mixtures. Let's look at the main types of gadgets:

  • with a handle - mechanical units with a handle connected to a screw to which blades are attached that grind smoking substances. Such a tobacco mill require less effort when cutting hard raw materials such as hookah tablets;
  • by the number of sections - two-section and three-section; for some samples, the number of compartments can range from 4 to 9;
  • grater card - a pocket metal grinder for rolls and chillums, similar to a credit card, which has cells for rubbing buds on one side. Also, the cards can serve as scrapers if they are placed on the edge.

The best steel graters with bright designer prints are produced by the American company Syndicate V; each device is unique and unrepeatable. Also on sale there are graters in the form of a lighter cover from the same manufacturer, your favorite pipe will be happy to be in this company.

The shape of the teeth also matters. The best result is provided by a diamond-shaped blade; pyramidal cutting edges do worse, but they also can provide a fine, neat grinding with skill. And stay away from stud-teeth - the comparison is not in their favor.