Bong Cleaners

Anyone who sells bongs must know everything about them! And not only how to choose and smoke them correctly, but also how to take care of them. In this section, we will try to give an exhaustive answer to the question: how and what to wash your favorite bong with.

Different materials which bongs are made of, react differently to different detergents and chemicals. If glass and ceramics are almost inert bong-building materials, then carefully study all irs consequences before washing wood, metal and acrylic. The exposure of these materials to some harsh chemicals can be extremely detrimental.

It is necessary to tell that the process of caring for your beloved bongs includes the concept of periodicity. The same as a person does not wash once a year, a bong should be bathed at least after every third use. Resins released during smoking gradually turn to stone and then it will be extremely difficult to remove them. And after a while, it will even be unpleasant for you to touch your once beloved bong. A heavy stench will spread throughout the apartment, frightening off friends and girls.

If you take care of your bong at home regularly, then ordinary dish detergents, warm water and all kinds of brushes, rags and cosmetic sticks are quite suitable for this. But when using these funds, the desired effect cannot always be achieved. Therefore, the consultants of the Likebongs store recommend the use of bong cleaners specially developed for this purpose by the specialists of Black Leaf, the best manufacturer of smoking devices in the USA. The company is famous for the widest assortment of various smoking devices and accessories in this field. And we tend to unconditionally trust their recommendations, boldly forwarding them to you.

When trying to classify bong cleaning detergent, we can classify it as liquid or powder. By the way, disputes about the effectiveness of one form or another are absolutely groundless, because the result when using them is equally good. Dilute the liquid detergent concentrate with warm water in a ratio of 1 to 3 to 1 to 20, depending on your laziness and the degree of soiling.

How to wash your bong with bong cleaners?

If your bong has a metal section, it is better to remove it and wash it separately. It is advisable to close all holes in the bong with plugs or glue them. Then pour some detergent into the bong and add hot water to the rest. Now leave it alone for 15-20 minutes. Then, to achieve a heightened effect, you can shake the bong a little. If you are satisfied with the result, pour out the detergent and rinse the bong with hot water. Cleaning powder from the same manufacturer is not recommended for acrylic bongs. It is perfect for glass and ceramics.

You can buy a bong cleaner without any problems in specialized stores in any state of the United States or in the Likebongs online store.