Bubblers with Percolator

The number of smoking devices is growing every day, which greatly complicates the process of choosing the one that would fit best. To make the right decision, you should first familiarize yourself with each group of smoking devices; understand the specifics of their work, and what they are.

Further, we offer you a short but informative excursion on the topic: ‘What is a bubbler with a percolator?’ which will make your choice easier, and maybe this is exactly the device that you have been looking for so long.

What is a bubbler with a percolator?

Bubblers with a percolator are a complete device for smoking a certain substance of plant origin. It is a device that has brought together all the best qualities of modern smoking devices. More specifically, a bubbler is a cross between a pipe and a bong.

So what does a bubbler and a pipe have in common? The size! Just like a smoking pipe, the bubbler is small, so it belongs to the group of mobile devices that are easy to take with you on the road or for a walk. The height of different models of bubblers is different, but it does not exceed 8 inch, there are models with a height of 6 inch.

What does a bubbler have in common with a bong? The answer is simple - the cooling and purification of smoke in these two devices are done by means of water. The bubbler has a compartment - a percolator, which you can fill with liquid. It serves as an excellent filter while smoking.

How to smoke through a perc bubbler?

There is absolutely nothing difficult in using a bubbler, everything is almost the same as in other devices. Before you start smoking, it is necessary to fill the thimble with the preferred smoking substance and pour water into the compartment provided for it. Next, the substance is ignited, and the user can begin to inhale the purified and water-cooled smoke.

The design of the bubbler has its own peculiarity, which fundamentally differs it from the bong. The bubbler is arranged so that you do not need to keep it constantly on a flat surface and bend over to inhale the smoke. Everything is much simpler here. You can use the device while sitting comfortably on an armchair or sofa, and this will not interfere with the comfortable smoking process. Due to its small size and shape, the bubbler can be used in any convenient position.

Types of percolated bubblers

There are a lot of bubblers. They are made from different materials (ceramics, glass, acrylic), and they can vary in design complexity and functionality. There are also models that are equipped with additional bells and whistles that add functionality to the device.

The most popular are glass bubblers with percolators. Despite their fragility, they attract users with their external characteristics. In addition, borosilicate glass models with the most complex configurations look very presentable and are distinguished by improved functionality.  The design of glass bubblers is many times superior to their ceramic and acrylic counterparts.

Caring for a bubbler with a percolator

All smoking appliances require systematic cleaning. A clean bubbler looks much better. In the process of smoking, foreign smells of the previously used smoking substance, dried on the walls, will not get into the smoke.

Since the bubbler has a rather complex geometric structure, it will not be so easy to clean it with simple brushes. There will still be hard-to-reach places that will be almost impossible to get to.

The first recommendation is for those who do not want to buy special cleaning products. So that cleaning the bubbler does not cause great difficulties, you need to rinse it after each use, and then the remnants of the mixture will not have time to dry on the inner walls of the device.

And for adherents of a simpler cleaning method, cleaning solutions from manufacturers are always ready to come to the rescue, allowing you to effortlessly return the device to its original appearance.

Where to buy Bubblers with a percolator?

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