Among the main precautions in the period of the rapid spread of coronavirus is the disinfection of the device. Cleaning with special agents and the use of specialized equipment becomes essential.

How does the disinfection of smoking devices work?

During the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to keep the smoking device and all its accessories clean. Its parts should be treated every day with antibacterial agents and disinfectants. It is also effective to use a special technique such as a steam cleaner, ultraviolet lamp.

How disinfection methods work:

Use a special antibacterial substance; it is intended for all components of the hookah: shaft, bulb, hoses, and mouthpieces. The product effectively disinfects the device, providing reliable protection;

Smokers (consumers of cigarettes, hookah tobacco, cigars, heated tobacco products) may be more vulnerable to contracting the coronavirus because smoking puts their fingers (and cigarettes that may be infected with the virus) in contact with their lips, which increases the chance of transmitting it from hands to mouth. Hookah smoking often involves sharing mouthpieces, which can contribute to the transmission of coronavirus infection.

Remember the importance of handwashing, physical distance, and avoid sharing smoking devices.
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