Rolling Trays

Likebongs Rastashop is entirely dedicated to smoking. In our assortment, we have all kinds of appliances, devices, units, and mechanisms for smoking. In short, we have everything to make the smoking process easier and more comfortable.

In addition to devices intended for the consumption of stuff, we offer all sorts of accessories and supplies. One of these smoking attributes is the tray for roll-ups and smoking substances. We’ve dedicated a whole section of our online store to them. Their characteristics will satisfy even the most demanding smokers.

Why do you need a rolling tray?

It is likely that the use of the smoking trays in the context of smoking may cause some surprise and even bewilderment among the uninitiated. How can such household item be related to the topic of smoking? It turns out that it can! And now we will try to explain how.

A very common situation among stoners is when you have carefully prepared the necessary components in order to make a perfect roll-up, but a sudden gust of wind (or a clumsy friend) makes your work in vain in an instant. If you want to avoid this scenario, then you just need special cool rolling trays. Keep your roll-up paper, blunts and filters, your piper and grinder, and of course smokable substances in one safe and secure place!

The tobacco tray will greatly facilitate the process of preparation for the usage of the smoking mixture and will make it more organized. And even if the smoking mixture will suddenly crumble, it can be collected from the smooth surface of the tray easily and without loss. By the way, the tray can also be useful when washing bongs and other smoking devices.

Also, the trays have a variety of designs. They have a very stylish and non-trivial look. Often, these accessories are branded with well-known brands in our themes and are decorated with unambiguous smoking-themed graphics. Trays are usually made of high-quality metal, wood or food-grade silicone - durable and safe materials.

The bud tray can be considered as an original addition to the interior. Your friends can also enjoy taking tea with cookies, especially if you bake the cookies yourself with the addition of healing herbs.

Once having tried to make a roll-up on smoking trays, or after hitting a pipe or bong on it, you can no longer go without it. The tray will always come in handy, but what shape, color, and size it will be – is up to you! Some people think that the more, the better, but for some, even the smallest is enough.

How to use roll trays correctly

Anyone who does not trust the manufacturers of industrial cigarettes and prefers to make them himself from his favorite smoking substance will confirm that the process is quite troublesome, especially in the initial stages. One way or another, the smoking mixture crumbles, and it’s pretty hard to collect it from the carpet. Using the tray makes the procedure for rolling cigarettes safer and more orderly!

The roll-up tray allows you to collect all the necessary tools and accessories for making personal cigarettes in one place. And due to the fact that the surface is hard and even, you will be able to twist the joint of the ideal shape and consistency.

Typically, trays have a non-stick surface, high sides, and rounded edges to prevent stuff from getting stuck in the corners. With the help of the tray, you will quickly, deftly and without the slightest difficulty make a roll-up, giving it the necessary look! Just put the tray on a flat surface and place all the accessories you need to make a homemade cigarette on it. Next, get down to the creative process of rolling a cigarette.

With such a wonderful accessory, your order will immediately reign on the table, and your room will be transformed. And in case of unforeseen situations, everything can be moved to a safe place in one fell swoop.

RAW trays: from Spain with love

We hope that we have convinced you of the need to buy such a necessary accessory as a rolling tray. This means that it's time to talk about which manufacturer to give preference to. In our shop, you will only find trays from the undisputed favorites of the smoking device market. One of these is the Spanish brand RAW.

RAW is a company widely known for its natural, chemical-free, and unrefined paper for roll-ups. But besides paper, they also make excellent trays for smokers. The company pays a lot of attention to the functionality of its accessories, as well as the comfort of the consumer during their use. Their trays are available in different sizes, shapes, designs and are made of metal, glass or wood. You can also purchase a magnetic metal tray cover to use the RAW tray as storage. This is very convenient when the doorbell rings and unexpected guests appear on the doorstep. Just put the magnetic lid on the tray and everything "forbidden" will disappear from sight. Magnetic covers from RAW are very thick and can be used as a second curling surface!

The RAW roll-up tray has curved corners to prevent anything from sticking to the tray and getting stuff between the corners. Accessories from the Spanish brand are lovingly crafted, comfortable, affordable, and of excellent quality.

The brand collaborates with internationally renowned artists and designers to create unique designs and prints. RAW metal tray of original color can be considered as a themed gift - atmospheric, extraordinary, and most importantly - useful! Rest assured, friends who share your viewpoints on the issue of smoking will certainly appreciate such a wonderful present!

Where to buy a rolling tray?

Today there are so many trays for every taste: different shapes, materials, sizes and colors. Many of them contain special compartments for the corresponding smoking accessories, as well as magnetic covers or special legs that increase stability.