Bong sets

Looking for a gift for a friend or want to please your loved one? Do not pass by! Great offer - bongs and accessories in a set (box) at the best price. Our bong sets are sets of bongs and accessories to them. All sets are compiled so that they have everything you need for a quick entry into the world of smoking culture. If you're looking for an offer that has everything you need at an exceptionally low price, you'll find it here. At you can buy products in sets for smoking pipes and also separately, but the prices in the sets are much better. If you want to please your friends by organizing a party, or if you plan to use more of our great products for yourself, you can use our special sets (gift boxes) of glass pipes and bongs. All glass bongs and pipes in the smoking sets are made by experienced glassblowers in our own workshops. All our smoking sets for glass pipes and bongs are handmade, which guarantees the high quality and artistic value of each item. We make borosilicate glass bongs, absolutely safe for health and heat resistant material. Sets available in our stock of glass pipes and bongs are beautifully designed, and you can choose either sets of glass pipes or separate items, but the prices in sets are much better valued.

Choosing a gift is a responsible and extremely enjoyable endeavor, both on the part of the giver and the receiver of the gift. We will help you to decide and choose the right bong for your present.

To begin with, only you know the habits and lifestyle of your stoner friend. How often he attends parties, whether he prefers to take a smoking device with him. You know all the intricacies and nuances of your buddy's lifestyle, from his favorite color scheme to the design of his room.

Especially the presence of pets in the stoner - cats or dogs, significantly affects the choice of presentation. If a cat lives in the house, the first thing to pay attention to is the heavy thick-walled models with a stable base.

Gift wrapping is considered an important factor. It's nice to give a friend a glass device wrapped in a beautiful case.

It's a great gift option and one of the best ways to show your friend that you really value and treasure your relationship!

The exclusive borosilicate glassware store has some interesting bong gift sets for you