Chillum is a device from a large army of apparatus and appliances designed for smoking cannabis. The history of glass chillums dates back thousands of years, and its homeland is considered India, although similar smoking devices have been found in South Africa as well. Ancient and modern Hindus used and still use chillums for smoking herbs in mystical rituals and religious practices. At the same time, they were not just enjoying the process of smoking but dedicating the smoke to the Hindu god Shiva. Europe was introduced to this type of smoking device through the Rastaman movement.

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Chillum appearance and design features

The classic chillum, used since ancient times, looks like a straight, cone-shaped tube of medium or large size. The peculiarity of the design is that a specially shaped stone inside the pipe is used as a filter, preventing the smoking substance from getting into the mouth.

Originally chillums were made of clay, wood, stone, and animal horn. Today weed chillums made of traditional natural materials are used for smoking, and now chillums are made of glass. As a rule, wooden and clay chillums look authentic and colorful, decorated with ethnic ornamental motives, sacred images of ancient deities, etc. They fit perfectly into the format of a theme party or can be regarded as valuable collector's items. Glass chillums on the contrary look bright, flashy, modern, and exclusive. Other models are true masterpieces of glassblowing.

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