An expensive, high-quality bong can perfectly fulfill its functions without additional accessories. However, the bong can always be improved and you’ll get much more pleasure, for example, by buying a precooler. For an inexpensive and not the most efficient model, this is a super useful device.

In fact, this is an additional chamber, a flask, in which additional filtration takes place. That is, at the exit you get a softer smoke that is saturated with the active substances of the smoking mixture, which also lacks in combustion products. The smoking process becomes more pleasant and comfortable, not resulting in coughing and any other unpleasant sensations. In addition, the accessory itself can have any shape and design and serves as an excellent aesthetic addition.

Bong precoolers differ in materials of manufacture, construction, dimensions and connectors. In the online store Likebongs there are all standard models for the diameter of the bowl and downstem, which is important to consider when shopping. And don’t forget to pay attention to the purpose of the device. For example, there are devices used for bulk or oil substances only, but there are also universal devices that can be used in both cases.

Why do you need a precooler?

To understand whether you need a precooler for bong is very simple: if you feel pain or a burning sensation in your throat while smoking, then you definitely need it. As already mentioned, this wonderful thing is needed to filter and soften smoke. This way you can really smoke with pleasure, discarding all unnecessary thoughts and negative emotions at the moment. The precooler is also effective in another way - it cools the smoke before it enters the main chamber of the bong.

Just like with the main device, the water must be poured into the chamber. Without it, neither cleaning nor cooling will be possible. Passing through the liquid in the chamber, harmful tar and ash will settle in the precooler. If you have a bong with precooler or with a percolator, you will get yet another nice bonus - the percolator will get much less dirty, and it will be easier to wash it.

Manufacturers of the smoke industry produce diffuser precoolers as well. These models break up the smoke, cooling and filtering it better. Needless to say, the higher the quality of the accessory and its effectiveness - the higher the price.

Construction and materials of manufacture of pre coolers

According to the type of attachment, the precooler for the bong is either built into the main device or connected from the outside through an adapter or the downstem. The second option is more popular since it is this option that passes the already purified smoke into the bong chamber, while the built-in precooler filters only at the outlet. Also, the external precooler will be cleaner for the same reason.

An added bonus in terms of improved filtration and cooling comes from the type of construction. External models have the same diffusers, percolators, or two chambers instead of one. It’s true that additional cameras are more difficult to clean. Therefore, Likebongs online store recommends buying special detergents for such models. Simply pour it into the chambers and leave it there for a while.

Built-in bong precoolers also have their own differences, for example, a tree-like, spiral-shaped, or dome structure

The price of smoking accessories also depends on the materials from which they are made from. Most popular are:

  1. The precooler for the glass bong. It’s made of regular and borosilicate glass. Despite its fragility, this material does not absorb tastes and smells, it perfectly withstands temperature changes, does not burn, is durable and practically does not limit imagination in terms of forms. Borosilicate glass is more expensive because it is stronger, thicker and more temperature resistant. They come as transparent or colored.
  2. The precooler for the acrylic bong. It’s made of a more durable, heat-resistant plastic. This material is more often chosen because of its lower price and less often for a wider color spectrum. It’s true that such device won’t break, but it’s not durable enough to withstand severe impacts or scratches. Acrylic is light, and you won’t feel pitiful by taking it with you wherever you go. It looks impressive, but it fades over time and fighting it is useless.

We select only the most interesting and high-quality accessories for our catalog, so you can only glass bong precoolers from us. Even so, there is lots of great choices, and there is something to compare and order online.

Best branded pre cooler bong

We have inexpensive simple models and improved devices with percolators and diffusers in stock. If you have never had to choose a precooler on your own, don’t hesitate to write to our consultant. We will be happy to help and advise you on what’s better to order for your bong and why.

How to choose and where to buy pre coolers for bongs

Before you buy a precooler, make sure its specifications match your smoky device. The connectors to which the accessories will be applied must match. The standard is 14.5, 18.8 or 29 mm.

If you really liked the model in terms of appearance and functionality, but the connectors don’t match, that's not a problem. In this case, we advise you to immediately order an adapter that we have on our site.