Honeycomb Bongs

The honey comb dab rig is a bubbler that is named after type of used disk. Bong with honeycomb is named for holes in the disk that resemble the honeycomb.

Main advantages of the honeycomb diffuser bong

The main advantage of honeycomb glass bong is that smokers can get more pleasant and frequent smoke compared to other bongs. This is due to proper filtration and cooling of the fumes. In addition, discs of the honey cone bong are designed to remove different unwanted resins and toxic substances from a mixture of herbs. This makes it easier for the body to absorb the fume during tightening.

In the marketplace, honeycomb bongs for sale are available in several variants. Some bongs with honeycomb perc can be supplied with special equipment, in which you can add various additives and oils.

The honeycomb percolator water pipe is best for beginner smokers because it provides smoother and cleaner smoke. Smoke from this kind of bong doesn’t affect your lungs that much. Long-time smokers can choose glass honeycomb bong as a temporary alternative for other water pipes from their collection.

Clean and smooth thrust of the glass bongs with honeycomb is a significant advantage because of which many choose it. Another key virtue is that they are easy to service. Usually honey bong doesn’t need a lower bar, which makes it easy to clean the main pipe without having to worry about pulling out the lower bar.

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