Bong Bowls

No matter how cool and perfectly ideal the bong would be, over time, it needs upgrade and tuning. The upgrade can be really simple, or maybe large-scale and all-encompassing. Whatever it be, the modernization of the smoking tool is an axiom. Trust the experts!

For understanding the importance and principle of this issue, the Likebongs online store offers everyone who is into the smoky topic not only a huge selection of various bong designs but also everything that is necessary for their effective improvement. This particular section of our headshop is dedicated to adapters.

What is a bong bowl? Why is it needed?

Let me explain how the smoking tool works. The bong consists of a main chamber, which can be divided into two parts (a flask and a shaft), as well as a thin section that crowns the thimble. It is appropriate to call such a model simple or basic. There are also examples which are complex structures, equipped with phenomenal engineering research. Such bongs, in addition to the main structural elements, have precoolers and percolators, ice spikes and diffusers - in a word, technological bells and whistles designed to improve the quality of herbal therapy in every possible way.

The bong slider is also a part of the bong construction, not obligatory but variable. This is a bong tube, which is the link between the main chamber and the thimble, the main chamber, and the thin section, etc. Including with the help of a link adapter, you can attach an external type precooler to the bong. That is, through the adapter, the parts of the smoking tool are connected, its dimensions which do not initially correspond to each other. To sum up everything in the issue of upgrading a smoking tool, such an element of bong construction as an adapter is simply irreplaceable.

How to choose replacement bong bowls?

The size of the adapter is the determining criterion for matching it to the bong you have in use. Size refers to parameters such as length and diameter. You should begin the search for the copy you need with them. What is the best way to do this?

To clarify, let's simulate the situation. Let's say you decide to buy a thin section for a bong. Let's say its diameter is 14.5mm, 18.8mm, or 29.2mm (these are standard parameters offered by manufacturers). But your bong friend has a non-standard inlet diameter and does not correspond to the size of the thin section model you like. In this case, the adapter comes into play. You simply purchase an adapter with a diameter of 14.5mm, 18.8mm or 29.2mm accordingly. Great! Parts discrepancy issue resolved.

We act in the same way if the selected thin section has an insufficient length of the immersion tube for your bong (perfectly, the tube should go a few centimeters into the liquid which fills the chamber of the smoking device). Bong adapters from Likebongs headshop solve this problem easily. We do the same when you decide to choose an external type precooler to improve the smoking tool. The issue of discrepancy is also eliminated by using a link adapter.