Mini Bongs

Tiny glass bowls are perfect for people who like high quality smoking with good filtration. The main but not the only feature of the tiny bong is their portability. You found perfect place where can be bought the best small bongs on the Internet. You also can take a mini glass jug anywhere. It is light and doesn’t take up much space that’s why you can always put it in your bag. Mini water bong is perfect decision for people who like to travel.

The best qualities of the mini water bongs

The main distinguishing feature of the little glass bongs is their portability but it is not the only advantage. There is something else that makes it great. The small size helps to hide the miniature bong. They are also easy to use during smoking.

What the mini beaker (smallest water bong) is ?

Basically, a small water bong it is a reduction copy of the cheap bong. It has almost all standard functions in this kind of device. This kind of bongs is small, but this does not prevent them to filtering the smoke. Our minibongs are almost exactly the same as the standard models. The only different thing is a simpler way of using. You can find variants with:

  1. traps for ice;
  2. percolators;
  3. smear application installations;

You can also buy other varieties of the miniature bongs!

Why would you buy a miniature bong online?

Glass quality is a major factor influencing on the mini glass on glass bong cost. Portable water bongs have a perfect size for taking anywhere. Take it with you and enjoy this perfectly filtered smoke along the road.

How I can buy the best tiny glass bowls?

The minibongs has all the standard features, so you should pay attention to the details for perfecting. Note the function of the icebreaker and percolators. Since these facilities help to better cool and filter the smoke.

If you want your portable water bong to last long, then choose models with minimal quantity protrusions, because they can break easily

Portable rubber bong is a fantastic thing. It is a great way to relax and enjoy smoking alone.