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9.8" Chrome Plated Glass Beaker-Base Ice Bong Blue

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  • Size: 9.8 inch
  • Glass Thickness: 5 mm
  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Color: Blue
  • Special Features: Ice Spikes
  • Length of the downstem: 100 mm
  • Bowl diameter (male): 14.4 mm
  • Diameter of the downstem (male): 18.8 mm
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    There are times when you want to create the atmosphere of a fairy tale. When you want to see bright colors instead of dull walls. To feel a pleasant flutter inside, to feel those moths that want to fly out there. You crave something new, bright, and unusual. And how warming it is to know that every moment in our life can be bright and unusual. You just need to be able to feel it. Glass bong with chrome effect We are ready to help you with this difficult task. And our products are our soldiers who are created to accomplish such goals. For example, this bong with chrome effect "Phoenix". It will be able to give a little fabulous atmosphere in the pleasant evenings. Its main advantage over others is the ability to play with the light from a match or lighter in the dark.

    And not just "play", it is able to create a whole art in the evening. And for not being distracted from enjoying the moment this device perfectly copes with air filtration and cooling (water filtration mechanism). And that's not all, this bong has Ice Spikes, which complements the mechanism of water cooling and will give you the opportunity to enjoy a gentle, cool smoke, instead of hot. Where to buy chrome effect glass bongs? Visit us at and see if this device is right for you. Our friendly consultants will be able to help you with this task. By the way, shipping is available to all US cities. And yes, if you are the one who would prefer not to advertise your purchase, and would not like to once again catch the curious eyes of postal workers, do not worry, we always pack the goods securely. Your purchases are our secret.


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