Cheap Glass Beaker-Base Bong Purple 8.5 | photo 1
Cheap Glass Beaker-Base Bong Purple 8.5 | photo 2

8.5" Cheap Glass Beaker-Base Bong Purple

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  • Size: 8,5 inch
  • Glass Thickness: 4.5 mm
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Color: Blue
  • Usage: With water
  • Length of sleeve: 80 mm
  • Bowl diameter (male): 14.4 mm
  • Diameter of the sleeve (male): 18.8 mm
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    A timeless, angular, but with a twist, bong. What is so special about it?

    At first glance is pretty standard functionality for a bong. When testing abilities of this model the tester-smoker will immediately understand everything, because there are diffusers on the slate of this intricate bong, which create percolation in your glass friend.

    Why do you need percolation when smoking through a bong?

    It is very simple, through the flow of water through the porous material, which is the aforementioned physical phenomenon, the filtration, cooling and humidification of the smoke occurs before it enters the lungs. The mechanism is very simple, with the diffuser being holes, slots, or more complex mini percs. The biggest advantage of these percolators is their portability. Diffusers can be easily cleaned or replaced as needed. If you do not yet have the ability to get a device with an extensive percolation system, a diffuser is great to start with, because even these small slots can increase the level of filtration as well as cool and clean the flavor of burning coveted smoke.

    This bong model will blend perfectly with the home interior, accentuating it with its mystique, and at the same time, simplicity.

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