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6.3" Thick Bent Neck Bubbler Glass Yellow Puff Labs

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  • Size: 6 inch
  • Glass thickness: 3.1-3.5 mm
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Color: Yellow
  • Special Features: Bubbler
  • Use: With water
  • Carb: Left
  • Weight: 110 g
  • Thick glass, Good gift, Easy to clean
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    There are never many interesting units for smoking some kind of plant substance. Some are more interested in size, others need mega-functionality. But the lovers of exclusive smoking devices will certainly like a small bright yellow bubbler "Sea Buckthorn", 6 inches high at a reasonable cost. The bright yellow model successfully combines size, design, and functionality. Made of durable borosilicate glass, the small bubbler can withstand serious abuse.

    Thick 4-mm walls of the non-disassembled device resist chips and temperature changes. Externally, the device resembles an overgrown pipe with the functions of an ordinary bong. A small flask is filled with water or another coolant to cool and maximally clear the smoke from the products of combustion. The bowl for burning the smoking mixture is roomy.

    The hole at the bottom of the bowl for smoke exhaust is small, but it provides the use of a filter or screen to smolder stuff did not fall into the flask. The bubbler is equipped with a kicker. The turbo hole is on the left side of the bowl, and it is convenient to clamp it with your thumb to increase or decrease the turbulence of the smoke. Despite the solid and opaque coating, the glass device does not require any special maintenance.

    It is easy to clean and wash. And with the use of a special detergent, care is reduced at times. You can buy an extraordinary brightly colored little yellow sea buckthorn bubbler, 6 inches high at a pleasant price in our store of glassware made of borosilicate glass. You can order the device on our website. We guarantee professional advice and fast dispatch of your order to the nearest post office. Also, we guarantee the absolute anonymity of the parcel.

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