Percolator Bongs

The bongs with percolators and ice catcher

The time has come to think about making the process of smoking even better and more efficient, and the journey to the depths of consciousness even more colorful and spectacular. This means that it is time to discover the unknown facets of smoking and improve the technical characteristics of your favorite bong. Or you could part with it without the slightest remorse to acquire a smoking device with more sophisticated and advanced features, which is equipped with augmented stuff. For example, a bong with a percolator and diffuser. In order to find out how to choose a bong with ash catcher and percolators, to which nuances to pay attention, we propose to examine this intricate tuning attribute in detail.

What is a percolator and what is it for ?

Bong percolators are small chambers that are located at the base of a bong tube. The complex design of the bong ice catcher percolator is intended for additional filtration, effective cooling of smoke, and saturation of water vapors thereof. Smoke that has passed several cleaning steps (including percolator) becomes softer and more pleasant. It does not irritate the upper respiratory tract, does not cause a cough, does not leave an unpleasant aftertaste. In other words, it is a new level of consumption of smoking mixes. More comfortable and safe for health.

And a few other uncontested benefits of the water pipes with perks. With the percolator, smoking through the bong becomes almost silent. Since the percolator is located inside the smoking device, this allows using of other tuning elements. For example, a glass percolator, etc. And, of course, the visual component! Clear bong with perc mostly looks like an unorthodox and rather picturesque construction. Like an alive reality from a movie about the future or a device from a fantastic science lab. The proof of that is the individual specimens for sale that our store is proud of.

How to smoke the bong with a percolator?

Their appearance may be varied, but the mechanism of action is always the same. Any percolator separates one large stream of smoke into many small ones, that is why the smoke will be cleansed and even more saturated with moisture. Smoking a bong with showerhead perc has no difference from smoking a classic glass bong. So if you already have experience with bongs, it’s not going to be hard!

The smoking mix must be carefully ground before the start of the session. When you have prepared all the necessary «ingredients» to start smoking, you can go directly to the process. The principle of smoking a beaker perc bong and other bong percolator types is very simple. Place the device on a smooth surface or secure it in your hands. Then fill the bowl with stuff. You don’t have to put too much pressure on it; it will make the smoke milder and cleaner.

Tightly press your face against the throat of the bong so that your lips are inside. In order to obtain the maximum saturated smoke, it is important to have tightness at the top of the shaft! Set the smoking mix on fire evenly to start it smoldering. Then start breathing the magic clouds of smoke. Breathe in, relax and enjoy the process - it remains only to buy a water bong with a percolator!

After the smoking process is complete, don’t forget to clean the device. This will help to remove unpleasant odors and extend the life of your device.