Thick Glass Pipe Weed Chrysanthemum Black Puff Labs 5 | photo 1
Thick Glass Pipe Weed Chrysanthemum Black Puff Labs 5 | photo 2

5" Thick Glass Pipe Weed Chrysanthemum Black Puff Labs

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  • Size: 5 inch
  • Glass Thickness: 4 mm
  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Color: Black
  • Turbo hole: Present
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    The store has the widest range of smoking spoon pipes in different colors. But pay attention to the spectacular black glass spoon pipe, 5 inch. Due to the color, the black Stels-model looks refined and noble. Visually, the colored glass pipe can be mistaken for a smoking device carved from semi-precious jasper. Pleasant to the touch, ergonomic streamlined model fits perfectly in your hand. The pipe is made of heat-resistant hardened borosilicate glass. It is not afraid of temperature drops, and when heated does not emit harmful substances harmful to health. The pipe's thick four-millimeter walls are not heated while smoking, so there is no risk for the smoker to burn himself on the device. The glass pipe is also not afraid of any detergents, which provides easy and simple care for smoking accessories. And the price of black glass spoon-pipe surprises with its affordability. The model is non-collapsible, has no additional or spare parts. At the end of the pipe-spoon there is a roomy bowl for burning tobacco mixture or stuff. The main characteristics of the glass smoking pipe are the easy draw and excellent cooling of the smoke. The presence of turbo-hole provides independent control of the density of the absorbed smoke. You can order and buy the smoking device on the site using the address delivery.

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