Filters and Tips

Original? Yes! Authentic? Yes! Colorful? Yes! And it's all about roll-up cigarettes. But not only its originality and specificity are ready to boast this invention of mankind.

Everyone knows that smoking has a detrimental effect on health. Unfortunately, it's a fact! And there is no point in arguing about it. But sometimes it is very difficult to give up a bad habit. That is why the modern industry offers many alternatives to conventional cigarettes, allowing minimizing harmful effects. An alternative to regular cigarettes is roll-up cigarettes.

Yes, you heard right! A personally prepared cigarette is to some extent a concern for your own health. It's up to you to decide what's inside the cigarette. Maybe it will be the best kind of tobacco. Or a herbal substance that promotes relaxation and self-knowledge. But definitely, it's not a hard-to-identify mess that factory cigarettes are filled with.

Also, the process of making your own cigarette is a way to relax and take a brief distraction from your daily routine. And if you want to try an alternative to a manufactured cigarette, in addition to your preferred plant-based substance you'll need consumables: paper and filters for roll-up cigarettes.

Why does your personally prepared cigarette need a filter?

Simply put, roll-up cigarettes are rolled paper with a cylindrical filter element inside. All this simple construction is filled with tobacco or not tobacco (depending on your personal preference). For the creation of individual cigarettes can be used either a special paper for roll-up cigarettes or any available at hand and suitable density. But it is obvious that paper specially designed for making cigarettes has more advantages than ordinary paper. You can buy such professional paper in the relevant section of the online headshop.

Filter elements

A filter for roll-up cigarettes is essential. Because it prevents particles of plant matter from entering the smoker's mouth, and at the same time is a kind of barrier, detaining tar, carcinogens, heavy metals, and other combustion products that carry irreparable harm to health. That is, the filter contributes to gentler and less harmful smoking. Also, with its help, you can adjust the strength of a cigarette. The filter makes the smoke softer, more pleasant, a little cooler, and therefore more comfortable to inhale.

What kind of filter elements are there?

Manufacturers of products necessary for producing personal cigarettes offer cigarette filters in more than a wide range and to a person unfamiliar with the subject it may seem quite surprising. What kind of variety are we talking about if this consumable material itself is rather unpretentious? There is a large assortment.

In our online store likebongs you can buy filters for roll-up cigarettes in different quantities. These can be filter elements of a given length and diameter, which allows you to adjust the size and strength of personal cigarettes. Also, manufacturers offer different packaging (from 10 to 200 pieces in a package), which makes it possible to save when buying a large package.

You can also choose a non-trivial option - flavored filters for cigarettes. This solution will definitely appeal to those who like to experiment with new flavors and aromas.

The familiar and well-known smack of tobacco smoke with original filters will surprise you with unexpectedly spicy notes. Filter elements are divided into classic, paper and charcoal. Any of them represents a cylinder, but only with different internal filling and accordingly - different purifying capabilities. Classic filters are filled with acetate fibers, carbon filters are made with the addition of activated carbon.

Paper filters for cigarettes are sheets of paper, which must be given a cylindrical shape. The most effective is considered to be carbon copies; they hold back both mechanical particles and products of combustion. Filtering elements made of paper only prevent small plant particles from getting into the mouth together with the smoke.

A non-standard option, slightly different from the others, is a disposable plastic filter with a purifying element located inside.