Holmes had a lot of different pipes: clay pipes, wooden ones, others. He smoked everything: pipes, cigars, and hookah. If there had been cigarettes at that time, he would have smoked cigarettes too. Drug intoxication saved his sharp mind from a dull routine.

In England, Sherlock Holmes was portrayed with normal smoking pipes. In Britain, they knew a lot about pipes and tobacco. Therefore, Conan Doyle himself and his famous character, Sherlock Holmes, smoked a pipe.

British illustrators also had a hand in the literary image. The original illustrations created an enduring image of Holmes with a pipe in readers. This is what the famous detective looked like, with an amazingly sharp mind, the author of the deductive method - Sherlock Holmes as interpreted by the British illustrator Sidney Paget. Holmes's pipe is a symbol of the analytical mind and an artistic image.

I want to buy a sherlock water pipe!

So is it worth buying the Holmes pipe? Of course, you should try! It's not just a pipe - it's an image, it's a dream! But don't forget that the fascination with a pipe is so damn pleasant. And before you know it you'll be buying a cabinet for your seventh dozen pipes and ordering pipe tobacco by the kilos. What does it mean “the pipe is resting?” It dries after smoking. It evaporates.

The smoking pipe gets rid of odors. Usually, the sherlock glass smoking pipes take a rest after smoking and cleaning - at least a day or two so the smell gets completely out of it and you can smoke the next batch of tobacco.

What pipes did Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle smoke?

Conan Doyle lived in good times. People smoked always and everywhere. There were no bans on smoking even at Buckingham Palace. People smoked pipes everywhere in those days. And pipe tobacco was not flavored with that synthetic stuff - synthetic flavorings had not been invented yet.

I would venture to guess that the author of the famous detectives smoked briar pipes made in England and natural pipe tobacco blends. I haven't come across any pictures of Conan Doyle smoking big, curved pipes. And this is no coincidence.

The straight pipes preferred by Conan Doyle, Albert Einstein, John Tolkien, and many other real pipe smokers are much more practical than the curved and bulky smoking pipes that are often shown in movies. Curved forms of smoking pipes are sleeker and look prettier. That's why they are most often seen in movies. In real life, however, pipe smokers prefer straight pipes.