Screens for Weed Pipes

If you need to purchase something related to smoking and non-smoking topics, this is something you will certainly find in the Likebongs online store. And this is an indisputable fact! We think you've already had the opportunity to make sure that our headshop has absolutely everything: from fancy bongs to progressive lighters. And we also have even insignificant (at first glance!) attributes of a smoker.

In this section of the Likebongs site we present bong screens. The filter screen is the smallest part of the smoking structure but that is why it is no less important than all the others. And of course you need to know everything about this detail. The quality of smoky relaxation and the degree of comfort of immersion in other realities will depend on this - neither more nor less. 

More than a filter element

First, let's figure out what a gauze for bong is and why it is needed in a bong structure or any other structure intended for the consumption of plant substances.

Basically, a glass screen for bong is a filter element. The task of the filter element is, in fact, to filter. It is placed in a thimble to act as a kind of barrier there, preventing ash, smoldering particles of matter and other small fractions from entering the water, smoke, and then into the mouth and lungs of the smoker. In general, the main mission is to get rid of unpleasant feelings, leaving space only for pleasure.

But the pipe metal screen filter also has additional, so to speak, bonuses. With this part, it is easier to light the bong, the time of smoldering of the substance increases. In addition, if you operate the smoking unit without forgetting about the filter element, it will stay clean longer, and it will be much easier to care for it. Here one more pleasant point follows: if you do not neglect the filter element, the service life of the device will be longer. That is, you should definitely buy a bong screen. Moreover, in the Likebongs online store you will find a huge assortment of these important parts for a smoking device.

What screens do we have?

The glass bowl screens which are the filter element of the bong construction are ready to boast of an unprecedented variety. Diversified shape, size, material of manufacture make it easy to choose the best option for your smoking equipment. What to choose when there is so much of everything?

The most common and acquired in the circle of adepts of a certain plant substance are steel screens or made of any other metal. Such specimens, unlike stone or glass ones, really look like a traditional screen. They can be of two types. The first are samples on a rigid rim. They, due to the presence of the rim, are only of a given diameter, which cannot be changed in any way. Whereas the latter are flexible samples without a rim. Their advantage is in the non-fixed size, it can be adjusted independently by cutting the screen to the diameter required for your thimble.

 A rational choice is also a metal screen spoon. An interesting discovery of manufacturers really visually resembles an ordinary spoon. It is very convenient to manipulate the screen spoon by holding the handle. With her, you will definitely never get burned or get dirty.

 Stone and glass bong screens are also no less functional than metal ones. As a rule, they have the form of a pyramid, a truncated cone, a sphere with concavities or convexities, or a shape that is completely intricate from the point of view of geometry, which is difficult to describe in words. They cope with the task one hundred percent, regardless of the configuration.

How to choose the filter screen?

The pipe bowl screen for a smoking device should be selected based on the size and shape of the existing thimble. If the material from which the filter element is made can be selected solely at your discretion, then you need to act clearly with the size. Otherwise, the grid will simply not fulfill the responsibilities assigned to it.

 So, we choose steel and other metal screens for smoking according to the inner diameter of the existing thimble. The filter element must fit snugly inside. If the metal version with a rim needs to be selected precisely according to the specified parameters, then a soft screen without a rim can always be adjusted (using scissors) to the existing thimble diameter, which is its undoubted advantage.

Glass or stone screens for a bong should be selected not by the inner diameter of the puff, but by the size of its smoke channel. If you miss the dimensions, then the filter element can literally fall inside the smoking unit.

 Nothing else but comfortable smoking!

Due to the importance of every detail of the bong construction for the process of consuming plant substances, the Likebongs online store recommends purchasing a whole set of filter elements. Believe me, it will not be superfluous!

Firstly, the screen for a smoking pipe, bong or any other smoking device has a miniature size, therefore, it is very easy to lose. Over time they can also fail (they burn out or can no longer be cleaned of combustion products). So it is important to always have several units in reserve. Secondly, a whole arsenal of versatile filter elements, always at hand, will allow you to choose the ideal option for your mission.

In general, when you buy a bong, a smoking pipe or just a thimble, do not forget to immediately order several different screens for it. We remind you! Headshop Likebongs has glass bong screens, stone, metal in various configurations and sizes. Such nuances as a filter element determine the quality of the immersion process in other realities.