Glass Bongs

Ah, those magical puffs of smoke that take you to the heights of pleasure! You can watch them endlessly as if you were watching the flow of water. And the best way to do it is with glass bongs. Glass bongs: maximum pleasure, minimum fuss. However, this is not the only advantage of these devices.

5 reasons why strong glass bongs will never give up their positions: the eternal classic!

So, the word combination "glass bong" will immediately make a true Rastaman spread a satisfied smile because it is:

  • a luxurious visual concept. Masters have learned to give the glass absolutely any shape - from concise to ornate, whether it looks like tentacles of sea animals or a wonderful plant. And watching how these forms slowly fill up with the gifts of Great Jha is, perhaps, the best meditation of all possible. And the recollection of the richness of colors and the possibility of decorating glass bongs with drawings and ornaments forces the soul to ask for a Rasta party.
  • the ability to improve your friend to infinity. Right now you can find a thousand and one glass bongs on sale, complete with all kinds of engineering innovations (percolators, pre-coolers, ice-spikes, etc.) everything for your super comfortable smoking;
  • safety. If you didn't skip chemistry classes at school, then you probably know that no harmful substances can penetrate into your body from glass, while only those which bring relaxation and meaningful thoughts - can;
  • eco-friendliness. Glass is made from natural materials, so the device won't harm you or the environment. Greta Tunberg would be pleased with you!
  • wide range of choices. Manufacturers are ready to fulfill your every whim: there are gadgets of different sizes, shapes, colors, and modifications.

After all, the glass Rasta-friend is really a timeless classic. But, as honest guys, we have to warn you about some of the nuances of worked glass bongs, too.

2 things you should be prepared for when buying a glass bong for smoking (problems solvable, though!)

Can't wait to enjoy the clarity of thought and new glass bongs already?

Great, but keep in mind:

  • these devices are relatively fragile. Of course, now they are made of heat- and shock-resistant borosilicate glass. Still, glass is what it is, and it will not survive a careless attitude. The way out is simple: use a glass bong only in a cozy atmosphere at home, where the probability to hit it is minimal. Or you can buy your friend a "special protection" - a special case or bag;
  • glass bongs require regular cleaning. Without it, they cease to please you with the transparency of the walls. However, fortunately, scientific thought does not standstill. You can get not only the traditional cleaners but also special - for Rasta-devices. Life is about to get a whole lot easier.

If you still want to shop after weighing up the pros and cons, here's a shortlist of engineering frills, which can be equipped with your new friend - choose “for yourself”: 3 things that will make your communication with the Great Ja even better, or Happiness is in the details!

Trust me, you don't want to grab the first glass vessel you see in the headshop in hopes of a hot date with Mary J. Turn your regal attention to:

  • units with a pre-cooler, an extra chamber for cleaning and cooling the smoke. It can be either built-in or removable. The principle is simple: the way the magic vapors pass increases, which means that they have time to reach the ideal condition;
  • glass bong with a percolator. Here everything is different: the percolator is a device that disperses one large stream of smoke into many smaller ones. As they pass through the water, they are further purified and cooled. In the end you get the softest smoke, which will not make your throat feel farther. The percolator can also be built-in and removable, in different shapes. Diffusers work on the same principle, providing a better mixing of water and smoke. This not only guarantees soft vapors and easy draft but also a lower noise level for those who don’t like loud bong burbling;
  • glass ice bong. The trick is, such a device has a special chamber in which you can pour ice cubes and get excellent cooling – feel higher!

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