Bong Downstems

To make smoking through the bong as comfortable as possible, and to make the smoke of high quality, a good device needs the same excellent accessories. The bong downstem is just one of the key design elements. Simply put, we are talking about a tube that is inserted inside and through which smoke enters the water.

It is very important that this tube is flawlessly connected to other elements, otherwise, the impermeability will be broken. To prevent this, you need to know the exact dimensions of the connectors.

Bong downstems make smoking easier and take away discomfort even for a beginner. The choice in our catalog is so large that anyone can get confused. Therefore, before choosing something based on the price and appearance, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic characteristics of this wonderful unit. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise and help you find the perfect option for you.

What you need to know when choosing a downstem

To find the right downstem for a bong that you already have or is about to get , pay attention to these two parameters:

  • The diameter of the connector of the bong itself and the bowl - the standard ratio is 14/14, 18/14, 18/18, less often 29 mm.
  • Tube length - should fit your device.

Ideally, you need to choose bowls and downstems for bongs from the same manufacturer as the smoking accessory itself, but in practice, this is not always the case. In our store we have components of well-known brands, as well as solutions for non-standard sizes. For example, adapters which it’s easy to connect the desired parts of different lengths with. A very useful detail when choosing the length of the tube, especially when the bong cannot be immersed in the water along with it for the obligatory several centimeters.

If you have already decided on the dimensions, you should think about the quality and functionality of the downstem you want to order.

Manufacturing materials

The designated lifetime, practicality, and ease of care are primarily influenced by the materials from which the accessory is made. The most popular options are:

  • Glass downstem is the most common one and it’s better if it’s borosilicate glass as it’s more durable. It does not affect taste and smell and can be washed easily, but requires more careful treatment.
  • Silicone downstem - easy to clean, flexible, moderately stretches. The same as glass, it does not absorb odors if the silicone is of high quality, food-grade or medical. It does not fracture or break.
  • Metal downstem is the most durable and wear-resistant material. As a rule, it comes complete with a rubber seal for better sealing, or with a metal bowl.

In terms of taste, the material is of no fundamental importance on the condition that it is a high-quality material. The Likebongs catalog contains all of them - the best offers from well-known brands.

What are the types of downstems?

A bong tube can be:

  • classic straight with a bowl on the end;
  • detachable with a hole for a precooler or a bowl;
  • special for a specific bong;
  • downstem with diffuser for a softer smoking.

Speaking of the diffuser, unlike a conventional tube, this one has several holes at the end, which immerses in water. As a result, the airflow is divided into many small bubbles on the way out. That is, the cooling and filtration of the smoke are improved. If the diffuser is made of silicone, the noise level is significantly reduced. In addition, the silicone component can be attached to any bong model.

The downstem tube can also have different accessories:

  • a roll-stop - this will never roll off the table and is more convenient to hold when cleaning;
  • built-in filter element;
  • an adapter for parts with different connectors.

You can also buy a pipe for oil with a nail (downstem for Oil bong) online at our store.