Can I smoke marijuana from a regular tobacco pipe?

At the beginning of the article, it should be noted that the store does not promote or encourage the use of psychotropic or narcotic substances. The material is purely informative and is designed for a wide range of readers over the age of 18.

The lack of a smoking device will not create much of an obstacle for a true smoker. There are many ways to enjoy the gifts of the Jah. And what if you do not have at hand a bong or a bubbler, and have not yet acquired a vaporizer?

You can smoke out of anything.

The simplest answer to the question posed is whether you can use an ordinary, regular pipe to smoke weed. You can smoke cannabis out of anything if you really want to. Aluminum cans, plastic bottles (bubblers) can be used, too. You can make an extremely creative device out of fruits and berries, such as a banana or watermelon.

No kicker

The difference between the plant-based smoking device and the classic tobacco pipe is the presence of a turbo hole under the thumb of the left hand. The tobacco pipe has no such hole. But the old machine can bail you out despite this drawback.

As a rule, bongs, even the smallest ones like the Amsterdam mini-bong model, have a kick-hole on the side. At the first puff, the hole is closed with the thumb of the left hand, and all the smoke accumulates in the pipe. When the device is full, the kicker is released and the smoke flows completely into the lungs without any effort.

The bowl for burning tobacco in classic pipes may not be large enough. In addition, you just need a filter element for such smoking devices, and there may not be any nets at hand. Therefore, there is a risk to get not decayed particles of the smoking mix in the mouthpiece, which can be very quickly clogged with combustion products. And you will have to clean old grandfather's pipe much more often. In addition, old tobacco smoking devices are impregnated with tobacco odor. And you will definitely have a taste of tobacco on the way out, not pure plant substance.

If you are little concerned about the above drawbacks of an old smoking device, then an old tobacco pipe may be the perfect way out of the situation if needed. You just have to give it a try. And if there is nothing at all in sight, and no accompanying units, you need to approach the problem creatively, and create your own device for smoking a herbal mixture.