Tricky tips to hide the smell of marijuana

Big cities have banned the burning of leaves and weeds in the fall. Only because the smell of smoldering vegetation is particularly acrid, soaking your clothes. The smell of burnt leaves has a peculiar flavor that settles in the atmosphere for a long time.

Hemp leaves have the same characteristics. Its strong aroma can be identified unmistakably. Many Stoners like the smell of smoldering cannabis. But most pot smokers try to hide their passion. This behavior is often associated with the ban on smoking marijuana, and smokers are trying to avoid attracting unnecessary attention to their person. We do not encourage or promote the use of herbal mixtures of psychotropic effects. The article contains facts, and only facts from observing society.

So how do some people manage to skillfully hide an easily identifiable smell?

We have spotted several tricks of young people who indulge in the gifts of the Great Jah:

  1. Outdoor Session. Surely the easiest way is to smoke a loaded device outside rather than in your apartment or room. You can go out into the yard, on the terrace or on the balcony to enjoy your weed. But this is only if marijuana is legalized in your area. Then you can walk the streets with like-minded friends and not catch Pokémon alone. Or not smoke at all.
  2. Good ventilation. An unventilated room stagnates not only the smell of smoke but also the aroma of growing cannabis bush at home. Live plants emit even more incense than puffs of tobacco smoke. The natural airflow is a great help. Since cannabis is considered a weed, it survives drafts with stoicism. Open opposite doors or a door with a window to drive out the smells! A fan can also help. Under those conditions, you can pull a pipe with a dude and not get soaked in the smell of weed.
  3. Closed storage. Even an open ashtray with cigarette butts seriously spoils the atmosphere. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the vessel in which the sacred gifts of Jah are stored. Proper storage of plant substances will not only prevent smells from spreading around the room, but will also preserve the taste and aroma of plants intended for smoking mixtures.
  4. Filters, Spliffs and Deodorants. With the legalization of cannabis in some countries, a lot of new technological equipment has emerged that allows you to get the most out of your smoking session. A lot of really awesome flavored filters have appeared. Charcoal filters for hoods minimize the smokiness of smoking the same bong.

Air fresheners of all kinds also work quite well, unless, of course, the smoking session drags on all day. But it's better to give preference to alternative herbal remedies for air purification. Eucalyptus, lavender, and citrus essential oils are the best way to eliminate extraneous odors. A few drops in a scented candle will do a great job of hiding the smokiness of the room. Also, burning natural incense of palo-santha or sandalwood, but only after two hours of airing the room.

Alternative Devices

Different smoking devices emit different amounts of smoke. Thus, the bubbler and the bong are considered the smokiest instruments in the hands of smokers. Those trying to veil their relationship with Mary Jane puff a pipe. Particularly bashful smokers use a mini-pipe with a small bowl for one draw. Or they keep in their arsenal a chillum pipe, which looks like an ordinary cigarette.

It is not uncommon to notice that it is not the house or the room that smells like pot, but the stoner himself. It is his clothes, his hair, his body that smells. To keep your clothes from smelling, get a changeable Rastaman jacket and tuck your hair under a hat. Don't forget to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth after every smoking session, and carry a pack of mint gum in your pocket. Stay healthy.