Resins: is it worth using them and what is the danger?


First, you and I need to define what resins, oils are, so that we can continue the conversation in the right direction. If you already have experience of smoking, then you have probably dealt with the heroine of today's article, known as resin or oils (not to be confused with concentrates, which are a form of cannabis). Resin is a sticky brown or black mass that is a byproduct of combustion consisting of ash, unburned finely dispersed lump residue and carbon. There are various reasons that encourage people to collect and smoke this substance, each of the reasons I've identified I'm happy to break down further.


The arguments of the hoarders are:

  1. There's nothing left. Perhaps, the most popular and, really, worth something, argument. But isn't availability a matter of life and death? I have a favorite comparison on this subject: Imagine that day after day you eat from the same dishes: soup, side dish, salad, dessert - in a word, everything, and yet you don't wash the dishes, and the leftovers somehow remain and each time there are more and more. And then, after a week or more, the food in the fridge runs out and you remember your savings, deciding to give yourself a feast. Do you want to participate in such a feast?
  2. Resin kills more. I want to draw your attention to the fact that the chemical composition of resin cannot be determined without professional laboratory equipment, which is not in any home. That's why saying that the byproduct of combustion has a large concentration of psychoactive compounds is simply not sensible. As a consequence, complete ignorance of the chemical composition of the resin makes dosing useless, and as a result - smoking, nausea, vomiting, confused breathing, in a word the evening is ruined. And now my favorite, research results: a study, for 2015 showed that, the content of Tetrahydrocannabinol in the resin is close to 5%.
  3. Everybody does it and I will do it. There is honey that is made by bees from 100% flower nectar, there is honey that is made by bees from sugar syrup, and there is honey that is made by humans from sugar and flavors that imitate the smell and taste of natural honey, but this kind of honey will never be bought by a true connoisseur. Whether you are a connoisseur or a lover of flavors is up to you.
  4. Not thrifty with the cones - not skimming or smoking the resins. In such cases, you need to start with your head, to change the attitude, but as I always say - I do not have such a task, I do not seek to get into your head. There are people who consider getting resin as a product of burning cones, pure grace, and the subsequent not using it, the greatest sin, their business.

Why is it dangerous?

Resin can be extracted with objects such as a needle, a pin, on the other hand, resin can be dissolved with various cleaning agents. Keep in mind that if you use special cleaners or alcohol + salt, this can lead to harmful toxins in your hoard. Let me remind you that resin can retain concentrations of pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents and toxins - none of which are substances you would want to let into your body. Besides, let's not forget the main component of resin is tar. Smoking tar is bad for your lungs under any circumstances. The fact that the respiratory (lung) risk of using cannabis is less than the risk of using tobacco, does not mean that smoking its resin-based byproduct is safe. Although cannabis is generally safe for use by a healthy adult, it is important to exercise common sense.

Thus, there are a few drawbacks, but essentially no benefits that could provide cannabis with more medicinal properties. Not only is the resin, a source of unpleasant odors and a mess, much more important, but it also poses many risks to the smoker that can easily be avoided.

I always say that I do not impose my attitude and I do not want to blindly convince you of something, I just provide information, research results, analyze, and the choice is yours only: to smoke resin or deny yourself this grace. I do not approve of this practice, because this type of smoking can be harmful to my health. Don't let yourself be fooled: you can NOT save money by using leftover product from the bumps, as the saying goes, the miser pays twice. The amount of money saved is ultimately insignificant and simply not worth the potential health risks.