Is it harmful to smoke tobacco?

Is it harmful to smoke tobacco?

Joint, spliff, blunt: What You Need to Know Before Rolling a Cigarette This work is devoted to the topic of smoking without tobacco, but first I consider it necessary to briefly talk about the various formats of rolling. Joint, spliff, and blunt are three terms that are often used interchangeably, but behind them are very different images. Each can be defined by the ratio of cones-tobacco, as well as by the material being rolled (paper, sheet tobacco). Let's start with the most popular one in our set, the joint. And if you want to learn a little bit about history, we’ll cover that too. The joint

This is a hand-rolled cigarette wrapped in paper. The paper can be thick, thin, made of hemp, rice, cellulose (completely transparent "paper"). A type that is often used for a joint is a kind of filter, its function is to shape it, not to filter it. Advantage: the lovers of joints are not exposed to tobacco or nicotine.


The material of paper is tobacco or a whole tobacco leaf. It is generally larger than a joint and therefore smokes much longer. It’s usually filled with chopped buds.


An inner component of tobacco and cannabis (tobacco is a must) mixed together in a self-made rolling paper.

"To smoke tobacco or not to smoke tobacco, that's the question."

Most studies say that cannabis is not as dangerous to health as tobacco. Nevertheless, that doesn't change the habit of many smokers. Even without tobacco, smoking is not the healthiest form of cannabis use. However, other, healthier ways of using, such as bong or edibles and drinks, are gaining popularity with us much more slowly. I am happy to point out that in my observation, people are becoming more curious and sophisticated in finding new forms of use.

Strange mix: why do some people mix cannabis and tobacco?

"Tobacco increases the power of smoking."

Oh, how often I have to hear this silly statement from people who haven't even delved into the subject matter of the argument. A few words on the subject. According to new research, smoking cones with tobacco does not increase the power of smoking. Chandni Hindocha, a researcher in the Department of Clinical Psychopharmacology: "There is a popular myth that adding tobacco to cannabis will make you more intoxicated, but we found that nothing of the sort actually happens; it's all subjective experience. Surprisingly little research has been done on the effects of tobacco when smoking cannabis."

"Pure cannabis works very differently than a cannabis-tobacco mixture."

I want to give an example that I think would be revealing, because many people initially mistakenly believe that cannabis has the same negative effects on the lungs as tobacco.

Professor Donald Tashkin was a leading American pulmonologist (a specialist in lung and respiratory diseases) for decades. In the past, he was a strong advocate for banning cannabis because he was convinced that smoking cones posed a high risk of developing lung cancer or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). But later evaluations of long-term studies led him to change his mind: "At this point, I'm in favor of legalization. I wouldn't encourage anyone to smoke any substance because of the potential harm. But I don't think cannabis should have the status of an illegal substance. Smoking tobacco does much more harm. And in terms of intoxication, alcohol does much more harm."

Recently, more and more countries are leaning toward legalization.

"Mixing tobacco with cannabis increases the risk of addiction."

"Without cannabis, I don't have much of a craving for tobacco, but I smoke more cigarettes after cones," have you ever heard such expressions? -I have. In fact, I myself was the person who, after a delicious bong, immediately goes to smoke a roll-up cigarette. At first glance, it's not a serious habit.

Speaking of me now, it's worth saying that it was cannabis that helped me quit smoking tobacco."Negative Effects on Physiology."Smoking mixed tobacco and cannabis can temporarily increase blood pressure and heart rate, which doesn't sound positive.

Which is better: a joint, a blunt, or a spliff?

Вы можете утверждать, что косяки лучше, потому что в них нет табака, и будете правы, НО не следует забывать, что нет безопасного способа что-либо курить. Суставы, затупления и косяки - это только начало. Простор для вашей фантазии безграничен, как и у любого вида художественного ремесла.