4-Piece Herb Grinder Black Kief Pollen Collector 1.6 | photo 1
4-Piece Herb Grinder Black Kief Pollen Collector 1.6 | photo 2

1.6" 4-Piece Herb Grinder Black Kief Pollen Collector

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  • Material: Aluminum
  • Diameter: 1.6 inch
  • Color: Black
  • Construction: 4 parts
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    This is a very successful model. Not big and not small grinder metal black 4 parts, 40 mm in diameter at a mind-blowing price. A great gift for a lady, as the crusher will fit even in a cosmetic bag. When it comes to shredding some kind of plant substance to get a smoking mixture for a bong, bubbler, or pipe, there is no better tool than a grinder. The working chamber of the 4-section grinder is equipped with powerful millstones that grind the magical gifts of the Great Jah in no time. The teeth of the millstones are sharpened by the Diamond-cut Teeth method. The teeth are so sharp that they can easily grind even resinous cones of the well-known plant. The body is made of durable metal. There are notches along the body to prevent your fingers from slipping while working. The lid is fastened firmly with a magnetic lock and will not open even if dropped. Any loss of even a gram of magic mixture is excluded. The third part is roomy enough, but if you want you can disconnect it and leave it at home. This is a kind of camping version. The grinder becomes flat and easily fits in your jacket pocket. Between the third section and the tray, there is a thin fine metal mesh. Here the Kresher acts as a separator, sifting the dust into the tray. The coarse fraction of the smoking mixture remains on the grid, and the kif can be used as you see fit, in cooking there, or for baking. You can buy a metal black grinder (4 parts 1,6 inch) at a good price in our store.

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