Classic Glass Beaker-Base Ice Bong Green 17.7 | photo 1
Classic Glass Beaker-Base Ice Bong Green 17.7 | photo 2

17.7" Classic Glass Beaker-Base Ice Bong Green

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Size: 17,7 inch

Glass Thickness: 0,3 inch

Material: Borosilicate glass

Color: Transparent

Special Features: Ice Scoop

Usage: With water

Length of sleeve: 3,9 inch

Diameter of the bowl (male): 0,55 inch

Diameter of sleeve (male): 0,7 inch

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What catches your eye at first glance when looking at the device is the Ice-keeper, which sits right in the center of the bong. The external structure of the ace-keeper makes the overall architecture unique and special, because there is something expressive-characteristic in this, at first glance very ordinary, model of bong. You can also see that the bong is clearly thicker than its neighbors on the shelf. This makes it very special!

Durable glass will guarantee a long and faithful service, and addition in the form of ice-keeper will give bongs the ability to add ice when smoking or juicy and flavorful fruit to make the smoking process even softer, easier and tastier. This is not the end of the "bonuses".

Beaker bong from Phoenix. In this model of bong percolation system is represented by a diffuser, located on the sleeve (sleeve - a glass tube, part of the overall structure of the bong), which well demonstrates the bong as a device to start your cultural smoking or a classic, but at the same time unusual model of bong. The device will perfectly cope with its tasks in the home atmosphere, and its size will not be a problem for transportation, if you want to go into nature, the thick and durable glass will be your faithful service. But if you decide to go camping, do not forget about the safe movement of the bong in a backpack, car, etc., as well as its cleanliness after use.

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