High Quality Smoking Glass Spoon Red Puff Labs 5 | photo 1
High Quality Smoking Glass Spoon Red Puff Labs 5 | photo 2

5 inch High Quality Smoking Glass Spoon Red Puff Labs

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  • Size: 5 inch
  • Glass Thickness: 4mm
  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Color: Red
  • Turbo hole: Present
  • Carb: Left
  • Use: With dry herbs
  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Weight: 80 g
  • Portable design, Easy to clean, Good gift
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    The vast majority prefer cigarettes to smoke because of their ease of use. However, you can buy a glass pipe-spoon with a red bowl and see it is just as versatile. It does not need to be disassembled and is somehow difficult to clean, it is always assembled and ready to use. The pipe body, 5 inch long, will easily fit in any pocket, and the wide, deep bowl will give you the opportunity to pour a portion of tobacco even in the most uncomfortable conditions. There are some inconveniences in its possession, it is the need to care for this tube. But this disadvantage is quite insignificant because the maintenance process is not cumbersome. There is no hard fouling in the bowl because the pipe material does not interact with the smoldering tobacco. Thanks to this durable borosilicate glass with a thickness of 4 millimeters are easily cleaned from any dirt. And it has the best effect on the taste of the tobacco. Therefore, you should not refuse the idea to order this pipe for yourself or as a gift for a friend. The pipe-spoon has an interesting design. The completely transparent stub and mouthpiece are perfectly combined with the brightly colored bowl. It looks as if there is a rich red smoke in it. Considering all this background, you may not notice one detail, the presence of a turbo hole in this model of the pipe. This technology allows you to diversify the process and try each type of tobacco twice, traditionally and in the manner of a bong.

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