High Quality Glass Percolator Bong Amber 9.5 | photo 1
High Quality Glass Percolator Bong Amber 9.5 | photo 2

9.5" High Quality Glass Percolator Bong Amber

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  • Size: 9.5 inch
  • Glass Thickness: 4 mm
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Color: Amber
  • Features: Percolator
  • Diameter (male): 14.4 mm
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    Our favorite and applied technique in the design of bongs: to make even the smallest or a classic format bong became the most functional and upgraded to improve the process of smoking and, of course, its results. Amber-colored bong This model of a bong is equipped with Showerhead Percs. The architectural feature of this type of percolator is a common base, a tube running through the middle from the chamber down, which in turn is closed by a larger tube going down to the percolator as well, where air and smoke go into the water in the form of small bubbles. It is worth noting that the standard bong comes with a roomy bowl, now one serving from our set will satiate the appetite of even the hungriest herb lover. As already mentioned, in our store we strive to present a variety, upgraded and functional models of bongs, most importantly at a good price. Our amber glass friend is no exception, because this bong has combined a restrained, but complemented by a percolation system, architecture, and durable borosilicate glass, which served as the material, will guarantee a long and faithful service with careful attitude. And what about the price? It is as pleasant as the florets, the taste of which you will get to know with our amber bong.

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