Glass Straight Bong 3-Perc Honeycomb Gray 9 | photo 1
Glass Straight Bong 3-Perc Honeycomb Gray 9 | photo 2

9 inch Glass Straight Bong 3-Perc Honeycomb Gray

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  • Size: 9 inch
  • Glass Thickness: 5 mm
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Color: Blue, Grey, Green
  • Features: Two Honeycomb percolators, one turbo percolator
  • Bowl diameter (male): 18.8 mm
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    A small bong with enhanced filtration You found what you were looking for! A smoking device with a classic design with enhanced filtration and smoke cooling system. The store offers to buy a powerful small bong with 3 percolators, 9 inch tall at a seductive price. Staking on the highest quality smoke purification, the developers "hit the mark" by equipping the baby with as many as three built-in percolators. Two of them are Honeycomb-percolators, with a unique design in the form of a bee honeycomb. The smoke passes through hundreds of openings in glass honeycomb plates mounted one above the other. Imagine how much smoke must bubble up as it passes through such a sieve. What a purification of smoke after such a passage! But that's not all. Above the two levels of Honeycomb percolators is a Tornado disk with slotted openings. The slots are made at a certain angle, so the stream of smoke is broken up into swirling streams. The more slots in the disk, the more transformed smoke streams can be seen in the womb of the transparent bong. The smoke travels a long way in the miniature smoking device, being cleaned and cooled as much as possible. The borosilicate glass bong is available in three versions - gray, blue, and green. Classic straight shaft with 5 mm thick walls on a thick stable base. Heavy and weighty, though a small device is almost impossible to knock over. Equipped with a large enough capacity removable bong bowl with a diameter of 18.8 mm. On the body of the cup is a handy handle that serves as a roll-stop. Bong has a comfortable curved neck, ending with a flat bell with a tight fit to the lips. In addition to the device, you can buy a filter screen and special detergents. We have a wide range of filters and glass cleaners at a reasonable price. We send orders by post.

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