Fumed Glass Heave Pipe Spoon Gold 4.7 | photo 1
Fumed Glass Heave Pipe Spoon Gold 4.7 | photo 2

4.7 inch Fumed Glass Heave Pipe Spoon Gold

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  • Size: 4.7 inch
  • Glass Thickness: 4 mm
  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Color: Amber, fuming
  • Turbo hole: Present
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    Model range of dry smoking devices does not cease to please with its variety. Before you an exclusive straight smoking glass pipe, 4.7 inch made of borosilicate glass at a very attractive price. This pipe is made by hand using fusion technology. Therefore, you will not find a second similar smoking device. The appearance of the pipe is interesting: it reminds nothing of the classic pipe shape. It looks more like a piece of straight glass pipe, tightly sealed at one end and multicolored stains inside the thick walls. Nevertheless, this is a real pipe for smoking the gifts of the Great Jah. There is a capacious combustion bowl recessed into the body of the device. True, the hole in each device will not be the same, because it is the handiwork of the glassblower. Therefore, you should take care of the filter element, preferably a glass strainer, especially if you have decided to buy this device.

    On the left side is a very conveniently located kicker, or turbo hole to adjust the smoke while smoking. The bottom part of the smoking device is slightly smoothed and doesn't allow the pipe to roll off the surface. The best part comes during the smoking session. The fuming effect - the pipe starts to change color - shows up as it heats up internally. And the glass remains cool in the hands. The walls, 4 mm thick, are not heated and do not burn your fingers. In addition, the glass is a chemically inactive material and does not emit any extraneous substances or odors when smoking. But it is easy and simple to take care of the device. The tube is easy to clean, especially if you use a detergent at the best price, which you will also find in our store. You can order a unique glass pipe with fuming on the site in online mode and pay for the purchase in a convenient way for you. We send purchases by post while guaranteeing the complete anonymity of the parcel contents.

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