Glass Spoon Pipe Grav donut Black 3.5 | photo 1
Glass Spoon Pipe Grav donut Black 3.5 | photo 2

3.5" Glass Spoon Pipe Grav donut Black

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  • Size: 3.5 inch
  • Glass Thickness: 3 mm
  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Color: Black
  • Turbo Hole: Yes
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    GRAV Labs brand never tires of pleasing pipe lovers with new products. The store is pleased to present the latest "doughnuts" from Texas master glassblowers. Here is the Black mini pipe Grav donut, 3.5 inch, which you can buy at a very tempting price. On the surface, the pipe does resemble two doughnuts on a jumper. Some people will think that the shape of the pipe resembles a dumbbell. The original mouthpiece has a neat round notch in the center. This indicates that the path of the smoke is very long. At the end of its path, the smoke should cool down a lot, which will give the smoker real pleasure. The combustion chamber of the plant mixture is very large. Its diameter is exactly the same as the notch on the mouthpiece. The smoke outlet in the combustion bowl is small, but requires the use of a filter, a metal mesh, without which the dry mixture may spill into the body of the mouthpiece, and not burn out completely. There is a turbo hole conveniently located under the thumb of the left hand on the bowl. Handmade from the original borosilicate glass mini-tubes, they instantly became a collector's item. Thick and heavy, the pipe nevertheless fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Glass does not heat up, it is impossible to burn your hands. Such a sturdy device is safe to take with you on trips or hikes. Combustion products and resins are deposited on the inner walls of the device. Of course, it is difficult to see them through the opaque glass. But taking care of the mini-pipe is easy, especially if you use a special cleaner for borosilicate glassware. You can order a black mini pipe from Texas at a nice price, as well as additional accessories, directly on the website online. Our managers will advise and provide complete information about the proposed purchase. The order is sent by post. The anonymity of the parcel contents is guaranteed.

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