Big Glass Straight Ice Bong Perc Amber 17 | photo 1
Big Glass Straight Ice Bong Perc Amber 17 | photo 2

17" Big Glass Straight Ice Bong Perc Amber

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  • Size: 17 inch
  • Glass thickness: 4 mm
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Color: Amber
  • Special Features: Percolator, Ice Spikes
  • Use: With water
  • Male joint bowl: 14.4mm
  • Male joint downstem: 18.8mm
  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Weight: 900 g
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    Amber glass bong with two percolators is ideal for anyone who wants to appreciate a really powerful filtration system. In addition to the voluminous flask for the liquid, there are two additional purification elements. At the bottom of the shaft there is a pre-cooler chamber with a spiral diffuser. And right above it is a dual-purpose dome percolator, it provides another stage of purification and stops the splashing water.

    Amber glass bong with two percolators with Ice-bong technology

    This bong features Ice-bong technology. You can pour ice in the shaft and in addition to cleaning, the smoke will be greatly chilled. To accommodate all this, the device had to be made quite high 17 inches. But this is even good because due to this the effect of smoking is much stronger than more compact models. A long straight shaft also contributes to this. Therefore, it is worth buying it even for those who own a bong of smaller dimensions.

    This model is made of borosilicate glass, whose durability and unpretentiousness are ideal for such conditions of use. Its maximum thickness is 4 millimeters, but in some places drops to 0.4. Its case is predominantly transparent, but there are amber-colored inserts. The other decorative element here are the bumps right under the mouthpiece, they allow you to hold the bong by the shaft comfortably without slipping. The bowl of this device is usual, standard, for a 14.4 mm connector. It is used with the 18.8 mm slot, and it is removable, which is partly more convenient for the user.

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