Big Glass Straight Bong 2-Perc Honeycomb Blue 13.7 | photo 1
Big Glass Straight Bong 2-Perc Honeycomb Blue 13.7 | photo 2

13.7" Big Glass Straight Bong 2-Perc Honeycomb Blue

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  • Size: 13.7 inch
  • Glass thickness: 4-5 mm
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Color: Clear
  • Special Features: 2-Perc Honeycomb
  • Use: With water
  • Male joint bowl: 18.8 mm
  • Weight: 580 g
  • Thick glass, Good gift, Classic style
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    Big ice bong with 2 percolators

    The imagination of glassblowers is truly limitless. Check out a real work of art, a tall unusual ice bong with 2 percolators, 13.7 inches high at a moderate cost. If you think this model is fragile, then you are very much mistaken. The exquisite device is made of borosilicate glass with a wall thickness of 5 mm. This glass is very durable, resistant to temperature extremes. He is not afraid of mechanical damage, chipping, cracking. But if the vessel is hit hard, or dropped, especially on a tiled floor, the tank will break. The smoking unit has a wide thick base.

    The original zig-zag cooling system implies that it is desirable to use the device at home, and not to carry it to parties. Invite your friends over. The bong is equipped with a wide capacious bowl with a diameter of 14.4 mm. Enough for everyone! It is advisable to buy a filter element for the bowl.

    The store has a large assortment of accessories for bongs at an affordable price. Two built-in Honeycomb type percolators are involved in the smoke conversion system. This is a dense glass, in this case, blue, dotted with multiple holes. Visually resembles a honeycomb. Thanks to two Honeycomb percolators, powerful and efficient smoke removal from impurities occurs. Passing through the water, the smoke is cleared and well cooled.

    Bong with zig-zag ice-keeper.

    The unusual design of the top of the bong is an additional smoke cooling system. The ice-keeper is carefully loaded with a large number of ice cubes. In addition, the zigzag system increases the smoke path, making it as soft and pleasant as possible. The stylish smoking device is equipped with a short shaft.

    The transparent shaft ends with a wide blue ring, tightly and pleasantly adjacent to the lips. An adherent of everything new and unusual, you can order a smoking unit that is amazing in configuration directly on the site.

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