Smoking Glass Beaker-Base Bong 2-Perc Red 12.2 | photo 1
Smoking Glass Beaker-Base Bong 2-Perc Red 12.2 | photo 2

12.2" Smoking Glass Beaker-Base Bong 2-Perc Red

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  • Size: 12.2 inch
  • Glass Thickness: 4 mm
  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Color: Transparent with red
  • Features: Two percolators
  • Usage: With water
  • Bowl diameter (male): 14.4 mm
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    The perfect unisex gift in front of you. An elegant glass bong with two percolators, 12.2 inch tall at a reasonable price, with bright red inserts, can bring a lot of joy to its future owner. The medium-sized device has a long list of advantages. Stable and durable. The flask-base will never allow the device to turn over. Made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, the unit has 4 mm walls. It is difficult to break, scratch, or chip. The inert glass does not release chemically harmful substances when heated and does not accumulate resins or odors. The design of the bong is not entirely simple. There are two different types of percolators built into the device. The lower one, the Inline-drum Percolator with slotted diffusers, is attached to the bottom of the built-in adapter. The smoke, passing through the adapter, splits into several streams, and with bubbling comes out of the coolant. Rising from the flask upwards, the smoke enters the second percolator type Double drum through the pipe. Exiting from the slots-diffusers, the smoke by turbulent streams passes once again through a layer of coolant. Moreover, the lower and upper reservoirs can contain two different liquids without mixing with each other. There is less hassle with the built-in adapter. The removable part in the design of the bong is a sleeve with a diameter of 14.4 mm combustion bowl. The glass bowl is equipped with two spherical handles that perform a roll-stop function. With such a diameter the bowl needs a filter element. You can buy bong filters at a nice price here on the store's website. The smoking shaft is straight, with a funnel-shaped mouthpiece. The edges of the mouthpiece are rounded, which brings to the process of smoking comfort, and for the lips a pleasant sensation. To order a glass transparent bong with two percolators, 12.2 inch, and get more information from the managers, you can directly on the site. We send purchased models by post. The anonymity of the parcel is guaranteed.

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