High Quality Percolator Glass Ice Bong Blue 11.4 | photo 1
High Quality Percolator Glass Ice Bong Blue 11.4 | photo 2

11.4" High Quality Percolator Glass Ice Bong Blue

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  • Size: 11.4 inch
  • Diameter of bowl (male): 14.4 mm
  • Diameter of slit (male): 18.8 mm
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    What is a perfect bong with a percolator? There is an abundance of bongs out there. But this model of a high sturdy bong with a percolator, 11.4 inch, can safely be called a perfect bong. The height of the school ruler, the device is considered one of the most productive, and with a lot of advantages, including the moderate cost. This bong is made of impact-resistant borosilicate glass. The walls are 4 mm thick. The smoking device with a volumetric flask is equipped with a sleeve-diffuser, four-arm tree percolator, and ice system. The distinctive feature of this model is considered a rather large combustion cup. Transparent, with multicolored stripes, the smoking device itself evokes positive emotions even just by visual contact. Communication with the bong is pleasant, thanks to the rounded mouthpiece. A three-level cleaning makes the process of smoking pleasant and soft. The device is easy to care for. In addition, the bong is stable and reliable. Universal Smoke Converter Bong, preferably used at home.

    Although the device is transportable, it has no place at many noisy parties. It is all about the percolator. This is the most fragile part of the bong. As a result of a sharp mechanical impact, the percolator can break. The bong will keep working but will lose one of the stages of smoke transformation and refinement. Therefore, before buying this model, think about the reason the purchase will be made. The Ice-System is made up of spikes that converge in the center. They are practically tightly adjacent to each other. For an extra cooling and maximum smoke softening, ice cubes or coarse ice chips are placed on the spikes. You can order a presentable high durable bong with a percolator, 11.4 inch directly on the site, and get the parcel by post. Store guarantee anonymity - no one will ever guess what is in the box.

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