High Quality Percolator Glass Ice Bong Black 11.4 | photo 1
High Quality Percolator Glass Ice Bong Black 11.4 | photo 2

13 inch High Quality Percolator Glass Ice Bong Black

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  • Size: 13 inch
  • Glass thickness: 3.5 - 4 mm
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Color: Black
  • Special Features: Percolator, Ice Spikes
  • Use: With water
  • Male joint bowl: 14.4 mm
  • Male joint downstem: 18.8 mm
  • Size downstem: 5 inch
  • Weight: 570 g
  • Thick glass, Good gift, Nice style
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    Like it or not, a classic will forever remain a classic. Our online headshop of bongs offers you to buy a classic tall black bong with a percolator, 13 inches high at an amazing price. A mega-functional device can be a nice gift or a great purchase for personal use. The excellent quality of the thick-walled vessel emphasizes the unsurpassed design in a classic style. Graceful stripes of black, gray, and gold color on the transparent case, as well as the black base of the percolator, give the device a special charm. The large conical flask serves as an excellent stable base.

    Even an empty bong is almost impossible to knock over by accident. The bong is equipped with a perfect cleaning system - a built-in tree-shaped six-sleeve percolator of the Showerhead Perc type. The transparent sleeves of the percolator are dotted with slit-like diffusers. And this means that the smoke, passing through the coolant, will break into many bubbles. At the same time, the smoky masses will be perfectly cleaned.

    The maximum cooling of the smoke occurs due to the presence of a powerful ice system. A lot of ice can be loaded into a wide and deep enough smoking shaft. You just need to carefully lower the ice cubes to the ice spikes. Glass, anyway. Although borosilicate, shockproof, heat-resistant, but glass. But at the exit, the stoner gets the most humid, cool, and very tasty smoke. Caring for a smoking device made of borosilicate glass, even a fairly complex design, can be a real pleasure.

    Especially if you wash the bong with the addition of a special detergent. Simple detailed instructions will tell you about the effective use of cleaning products. You can order a highly durable black bong with a percolator, 13 inches high, directly on the headshop website. We guarantee the prompt shipment of the purchased device and possible related products.

    Pick and buy the essential smoker tools 13 inch High Quality Percolator Glass Ice Bong Black at the current cost on Likebongs - the smoke shop. Buy also Other Accessories in your shop the lowest prices Likebongs. Add to cart and purchase Percolator Bongs for you with free shipping to Aurora or Illinois and to all cities within the USA.


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