Herb grinder metal

Metal weed choppers are mostly made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, making them the strongest and most durable choppers available on the market today.

These metal shredders, often equipped with diamond-shaped or shark teeth, shred herbs with ease. The lids are mostly magnetized for a secure fit and feature nylon rings that will ensure smooth shredding without wear and tear.

Our selection of metal grinders herb At Likebongs, we offer a wide selection of metal herb grinders ranging from simple two-piece grinders to stunning multi-piece grinders that include built-in pollen filters and catchers to collect that precious keef so nothing goes to waste. Our colorful collection is sure to include the perfect shredder that fits all of your personal preferences and needs, so be sure to check it out!

How do you clean a metal herb grinder?

Use isopropyl alcohol for each piece for complete cleanliness. Place each piece in a bag that can be closed and fill the bag with alcohol. Allow the pieces to soak. Soak only until the liquid is brown, and the pieces are clean.