Glass handpipe

Glass handpipe for smoking - what to choose?

If you need a practical, convenient, stylish and functional glass pipe, choose hits and novelties from the best manufacturers from America, Europe and Asia on Products presented on the site are made of borosilicate glass, resistant to thermal shock, temperature differences. What to look for when choosing:

  1. size, configuration - the longer the device, the better cooling, and if the unit has a spiral shape, then the smoke will be even more pleasant;
  2. turbo-hole - improves the thrust, accelerates the entry of smoke into the lungs;
  3. will smoke not only dry stuff, but also concentrate, then choose models with special equipment;
  4. the presence of a filter, an additional chamber for cleaning the smoke with water.

Exclusive models in an interesting design, as well as devices with a complex configuration, choose for home smoking gourmets and connoisseurs of the beautiful in a personal collection. As a hiking version that can be put in a bag, backpack and used for unhurried sessions, the compact devices of monolithic construction are the best. They do not need to be disassembled to wash, they have spikes for stability on different surfaces, a roomy combustion chamber and a front kicker. The best glass smoking pipes Why are glass devices at the top of sales? The variety of designs leaves no chance of being left out of the purchase - glass models are available in a variety of colors and configurations and have many pluses.

Glass tubes - pluses:

  • - ergonomics, design
  • - comfortable to hold in the hand, not too hot and look spectacular;
  • - the taste of the stuff is neutral
  • - glass does not emit any harmful substances when heated, it does not affect the taste and flavor of the plant substance;
  • - condition control - they are not smoked as quickly as a bong, so it is easier to monitor the change in condition;
  • - it is possible to smoke mixtures of tobacco and stuff - the tobacco partially interrupts the recognizable sweetish flavor;

- affordable price.

Top glass smoking devices:

  • Chillums - tapered pipes with a large combustion chamber, simple and convenient, can be equipped with a filter element;
  • spoon-pipes made of thick-walled colored glass - compact, do not absorb odors, cool the smoke well, convenient for travel;
  • with a water flask and a sleeve - produce a soft, clean smoke that has passed through water;
  • pipes with a "coil", spiral - such innovative designs do a good job of cooling the smoke, can have a container for water;
  • models with a through mouthpiece for powerful inhalations;
  • straight, glow-in-the-dark devices, with a large combustion chamber - ideal for companies.

Buy a glass smoking pipe in the online store When smoking a pipe the raw material is burnt, carcinogens are released, and many smokers are now moving to a more environmentally friendly type of smoking - vaporizers, where the plant substance is vaporized and there is an opportunity to control the temperature.

But while such smoking devices are in the high price segment and pipes are being bought more often. Use pipes for pleasure smoking - buy useful accessories together with the device so that you don't waste time on making filters. In the catalog you will find filter nets on a hard rim of different diameters, an effective tool for cleaning glass from dirt "Multikliner", as well as grinders, boxes, cleaners and lighters. To buy smoking pipes made of glass in our store, put the item in the basket and wait for delivery.